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A 100 percent political 'Fire Festival'


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By: Sedigheh Shahrokhi

Iran, March 11, 2018 - Salman Rokhdadi, a member of the Iranian parliament said in an interview with the IRNA, the Islamic Republic news agency on March 7th 2018: "The fire festival's outcome must be to cast away hatred and animosity, and create friendship, sympathy and integrity among various sectors of the society…"
"In these beautiful days, that are very traditional for us Iranians, we must refrain from any kind of violence, and we must not allow the "Festival of Fire" to become political," he added.
What is quite interesting in these words, is that when we examine this "anti-violence" representative's past records, we notice that he is a former IRGC commander in the city of Malekan, north west of Iran, a deputy intelligence director for the eastern Azerbaijan province and director of intelligence for the province of Ardabil, both in north western Iran, and his main duty was to oppress the people by arresting and torturing the youth, murdering and terrorizing the public.
Now the regime has reached a point where its officials of all levels, have no other choice than to compliment the same "Festival of Fire" that they used to call "blasphemy" and "fire worshiping", and this criminal IRGC commander is now begging people not to turn this "beautiful" tradition, "political" and "violent".
One must hail the heroic Iranian people, to have forced these criminals to come a long way from the blatant and egotistical savagery of Khomeini during the 80's, to such miserable supplications face to face with the Iranian people. But contrary to this representative-IRGC member, not only the "Fire Festival", but every aspect of the Iranian people's life has become political. This is simply because they are constantly in a struggle with a savage regime that has destroyed all their lives, so they use any opportunity to shout their misery onto the regime's officials. And what occasion could be better than the "Feast of Fire", to discharge a scorching outburst of rage onto the regime's offenders?

On these very days, when cries of justice by the people of Iran, and their quest for the most primitive human rights is answered with bullets, tear gas, arrests, torture and death, what other reaction can the Iranian people show the Mullahs other than chanting: "fire will be responded with fire", which has been one of the main slogans of the uprising.

Deprived farmers of Varzaneh, small town east of Esfahan in central Iran, are only seeking their right to irrigation water, taken away from them by the regime, were shouting: "Rouhani, the liar, where is our Zayandeh Rood", referring to the nearby Zayandeh Rood river which is their only source of water.

Sugarcane factory workers at the "Haft Tappeh" sugar cane factory, are chanting: "We are Haft Tappeh workers, and we are hungry, hungry," after several days of strikes and demonstrations.

Ahwaz steel factory workers, who have been staging a strike for the past several weeks to protest against a three month delay in the payment of their salaries, formed a dinner table with nothing on it, symbolizing their empty tables at home, and chanted "death to the oppressor." They shouted with outrage: "We are workers, not thugs." But the regime's response was to beat them up, and arrest and torture them in prison.
Brave Iranian women who sang the well-known Iranian song, "the song of freedom and equality" in front of the Labor Ministry in the capital, Tehran, were arrested, but their cries echoed throughout Iran.
In the "Festival of Fire", let's discharge the fire of fury and rage of all workers and suffering families upon the regime itself, and its officials.

  Sedigheh Shahrokhi


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