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Iran : demonstrations against water shortage, corruption and looting


English News
English News

Iran, March 11, 2018 – Residents of Izeh, a suberb of the city of Isfahan in Central Iran, gathered in front of the municipality with empty water containers and staged a protest against water shortages in their city.

In Mashhad, main city in Northeastern Iran, laid off workers of Caspian Institute staged a demonstration against their unfair unemployment.

In Ilam, province in southwest Iran, workers of the city's main slaughterhouse staged a protest gathering.

In Ahwaz, main city in Southwest Iran, a group of retired steel factory workers staged a demonstration.
In RezvanShahr, north of Iran, workers of the Shafa Rud dam, and in Kerman, Southeast Iran, Pabedana coal mine workers gathered in protest against non-payment of their salaries.