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Strikes and Protests of Workers, Farmers, Nurses, Merchants and Looted People in the Four Corners of the Country


English News
English News

Iran Uprising - No. 105


Wednesday, March 7, the four corners of the country's cities and villages witnessed strikes and protests among the underprivileged and deprived people:

1. Workers from the Ahvaz Steel National Group gathered in front of the regime’s governorate in the city on the fifteenth day of their strike in protest against the failure to pay their salary and premiums, and the dire situation of their livelihood and their families. They chanted: We stand, we die, we get our rights. The protests came at a time when one of the workers of the factory, after 10 years of heavy work at the plant, died of illness the day before due to not having adequate resources for treatment.

2. The Haft Tapeh sugar cane strikers were brutally attacked by police forces on the fourth day of their company-wide strike and confronted them. The clerical regime has summoned some of them to the police station instead of dealing with the pains and problems of the workers.

3. Hundreds of farmers in Isfahan protested besides the Khaju Bridge and the Water Organization against the regime's refusal to give water rights.

4. The businessmen and merchants of the city of Daran in Isfahan province unanimously closed their shops in protest of the economic downturn and bankruptcy.

5. The Isfahan Railway Workers went on strike in protest to failure to pay several months of their salaries.

6. The Salmas railway workers went through the fourth day of their strike.

7. In Shahroud, the railroad workers along with the workers of the Semnan and Damghan railways went on strike and demanded months of unpaid salaries and benefits.

8. Workers and employees of the "Aluminum Company of Iran" in Arak protested against the transfer of the company's shares to the Revolutionary Guards and the people belonging to the clerical regime.

9. In Aligodarz, the workers of the municipality gathered in protest against the failure to pay their four months' salary in front of the City Council.

10. In Islamshahr, workers of the Persian Gulf Company gathered in front of the company building and closed the road.

11. The looted members of the Valiasr government institution in Rabat Karim gathered in front of the institute and chanted: The robber loots, the government supports.

12. Plasco merchants again gathered in front of the Mostazafan foundation in Tehran in protest of the failure to implement the promises of this corrupt and plunderer foundation. Protesters are merchants who have lost their businesses since the Plasco fire.

13. Sugar beet growers of Naghdeh held a protest rally in front of the sugar company in the city against the non-payment of their demands.

14. Dehdasht's Khomeini Hospital nurses protested against non-payment of their 15-month pay and benefits.

15. The Jolfa's bazaar and clothing merchants gathered in front of the Aras Economic Deputy Directorate in protest of the seizure of their goods and a 20-day delay in clearance.

16. Fuel carriers in Tehran protested in front of the Ministry of Oil building against the exclusive divestment of fuel distribution to regime-affiliated companies and the failure to meet their professional demands.

17. Hundreds of landowners in the new city of Pardis, whose lands were seized by government agencies, protested on March 6 in front of the 37th Tehran Court. The protesters include landowners of the Istalak area, which is located in the city of Damavand (Tehran province) on the commuting road of Tehran to Mazandaran. These parcels of land have been sold by the regime itself to 5,000 people and, with legal processes, the Office of Registration of Documents and Real Estate has also handed over the land titles to the owners in exchange of receiving money. In 2015, the regime's officials seized these lands for construction and investment in the area and expropriated the lands from the owners. However, in the past years, with the filing of complaints in the judiciary by the land owners, the court ruled in favor of the owners. The owners who have used their savings and all their belongings to provide shelter for their families to buy these lands have for years been prohibited from any sale or construction.

18. Drivers of the private sector of Boroujerd bus company stopped working on Tuesday, March 6, due to failure to meet their demands.

19. Service workers from the Khorramshahr municipality gathered in front of the city council in protest against the non-payment of their 10 months' salary.

20. Writing the slogans of Khamenei Killer; Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is void; I am an overthrower, on the walls of the cities continues unabated.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 8, 2018