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Dozens of Houthi Coup Militias Dead and Wounded in Coalition's Air Raids in Taiz


English News
English News

Aden - SPA, 08 Mar, 2018 - More than 17 members of Al-Houthi coup militias were killed and others wounded in raids by Arab coalition fighters on rebel groups in different
areas of Taiz Governorate in southwestern Yemen.

A Yemeni military source said in a statement on September 26 that the raids targeted the concentration of the Houthi coup militias in the area of Al-Maamad in Najd Al-Aqirah in the district of Jabal Habashi, west of the Governorate, as well as raids on positions in the intersection of Al-Zakerah and Taiz International Airport which resulted in the destruction of a tank of the militias, two combating vehicles and a Howitzer gun.

On the other hand, the Yemeni army clashed with Houthi coup militias in the eastern city of Taiz and forced them to retreat and flee.


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