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Syrian in Oscar-nominated film hopes to make it to ceremony


English News
English News

Orient Net, Mar 1, 2018-- A rescue worker portrayed in a Syrian film nominated for an Academy Award is waiting in his war-torn country for a visa to the US to attend what could possibly be the most joyous event of his young life.
Mahmoud, 29, who wants to only use his first name to protect his family, is one of the White Helmets rescue workers portrayed in the documentary “Last Men in Aleppo.”

He survived a devastating offensive in eastern Aleppo that the regime recaptured in 2016.

The film, the first Syrian movie to be nominated for an Oscar, follows a group of men in the then opposition-held part of Aleppo, volunteering to save lives and respond to the incessant Assad bombings around their hometown.

“The world has the wrong impression about Syria and what’s going on there, that it is only a civil war,” Mahmoud said. “What is happening in Syria is a revolution, one of pride — a revolution for humanity.”

“This is the message I would love the whole world to know and to reach everyone: This war must stop,” he said.

“We look around and there is death, death, death. How long can this go on? This bombing. People must have their simplest rights, peace, love, quiet, safety. You can’t imagine — people are unable to fall asleep because they are afraid of the strikes.”