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The Continuing Protests in Different Cities of Iran


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English News

Iran Uprising -No. 86

On Thursday and Friday, February 22 and 23, the protests of noble workers and other deprived groups that were deprived of their basic rights continued in various cities of the country. The rising youth also expressed their disgust at the corrupt and criminal regime with various activities, including burning banners of images of Khamenei, the executioner of the Iranian people, and distributing pamphlets and writing slogans.

In Mashhad, thousands of fans watching Mashhad and Esfahan soccer teams playing chanted “We do not want evil authorities” (February 23).

In Bandar Abbas, a brave woman torn down Khamenei’s banner in in front of the regime’s judiciary in the city (February 23).



 In mockery of the government, the employees and workers who are demonstrating in the above clip say "Death to the workers, and Hail to the suppressors?


In Mashhad, courageous young people burned down a Khamenei banner (February 22).

In Arak, the 40th day of mourning of Seyyed Shahab Abtahizadeh, who was arrested in the uprising of January in Arak and died under the torture of executioners of the Velayat-e faqih, was held in Hoseinieh of Aramestan of Arak by his family and relatives (February 23).

In Sanandaj, commemorating the 40th day of mourning of Saro Ghahremani, a brave young hero who was arrested during the uprising of January and died under the toture of henchmen, was held at his graveyard. The clerical regime intelligence exerted a lot of pressure on the martyr's family fearing the people's anger. However, people celebrated their hero with Saro’s family and relatives (February 22).

The deprived Ahvaz steel workers, on the fifth day of their protest, participated in the Friday prayers show in the city, chanting "One less embezzlement, our problem is solved." They were carrying banners saying: "Oh, the 12th Imam, uproot the root of oppression; how much patience against unfulfilled promises; the minimum wage for livelihoods of workers under the poverty line" (February 23).





At Tehran Mehrabad Airport, people protested the six-hour delay in landing of an Asseman airliner. Last week, 66 passengers and crew of this airline died on the Tehran-Yasuj route after a plane crash (February 23).

The workers of the Haft-Tapeh Sugar Cane, facilities section, protested the return of looter and repressive executives to their jobs. Workers from other parts of the factory also stopped working due to non-payment of their salaries for December (February 22).

In Khorramabad, the workers of Sadr Steel Company gathered in front of the regime's governorate in the city in protest against the non-payment of their salaries (February 22).

Kission workers' strike in Assaluyeh continued for the fourth consecutive day in protest against the non-payment of six months' salary (February 22).

A number of workers from the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company gathered for the fifteenth day in protest of a five-year delay in delivering housing in front of the municipality of Tehran (February 22).

In Dehgolan (Kurdistan province), Ghaderi dervishes marched in support of Gonabadi dervishes in Tehran to protest the brutal suppression and massive arrest by the regime's repressive forces (February 22).

In Kerman, a group of looted people by the Caspian State Institution in protest to looting of their money staged a sit-in protest at the Khajavi District Branch in the city and demanded that they repay their lost money (February 22).

In Karaj province, looted people of the Alborz Development Nahal Neshan state institution, owned by the Ministry of Agriculture, held a protest rally against the looting of their deposits (February 22).

Writing slogans (graffiti) and distributing pamphlets continue in various cities. In Karaj, the slogans of "Khamenei! Say hi to the end!" and in Tehran, the slogans of "Year 97 (2018), the year of the overthrow of the Islamic Republic" and "We regain Iran from the mullahs" were written on the walls of the city.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 24, 2018


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