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Assad militia exterminates civilians in E. Ghouta


English News
English News

Orient News, Feb. 19, 2018 - Assad regime militias, supported by Russian air force, continued today (Feb. 19) targeting the besieged towns and cities of Eastern Ghouta, killing 54 civilians and wounding dozens, according to reports by Orient News correspondents in the field.

Our correspondent said at least 20 civilians were killed in Hammouriyah, 7 (one family) in Otaya, 12 in Saqba, 4 in Jisreen, 5 in Mesraba, and 3 in Doma, while tens others were wounded.



Regime helicopters dropped a barrel bomb, that regime has not used in Ghouta for years, in Bait Sawa, while at least 16 airstrikes hit the al-Shifoniyah town, simultaneous with heavy artillery shelling, our correspondent added.

Yesterday, Assad forces carried out intensified overnight air strikes and rocket shelling against Eastern Ghouta’s besieged towns and cities in Rural Damascus, killing 17 civilians and injuring dozens.

Regime’s intensified assault comes in preparation for military incursion to Eastern Ghouta where pro-Assad media published videos showing regime forces bringing military reinforcement to the area.