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Asad Regime overnight attacks kill 17 civilians in E. Ghouta


English News
English News

Orient Net, Feb 19 2018-- Assad militias carried out intensified overnight air strikes and rocket shelling against Eastern Ghouta’s besieged towns and cities in Rural Damascus on Feb. 18, killing 17 civilians and injuring dozens, according Orient News correspondents in Eastern Ghouta.

Our correspondent said that 7 civilians were killed, and others were injured as regime militias fired missiles on Mesraba town.




Similar shelling killed 2 civilians and wounded others in Saqba city, our correspondent added.

Orient News correspondent confirmed that dozens of civilians were wounded, including some with serious injuries, as regime missiles targeted towns and cities of Douma, al-Eftris, Ain Tarma, Kafr Batna, Hazzah, Erbin, Harasta, Bait Sawa, Mdera, and Jesrin.

Orient News correspondent reported that regime aircrafts conducted multiple airstrikes killing 4 civilians in Al-Marj area and 3 others were in Otaya town.

In al-Nashabiyah, a civilian was killed, and others were injured as 3 air strikes hit the town. Similar airstrikes killed a child and wounded most of his family members in al-Muhammadiyah town.




Regime intensified assault yesterday came after pro-Assad media published videos showing regime forces’ military buildup had arrived at the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta in preparation for military incursion.