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Iranian regime spying using “weaponised” apps which are available on Apple and Google's online stores


English News
English News

An explosive new report claims the spyware-enabled messaging apps, used by the evil regime, are being used by Iranian expats in the West to communicate with their relatives in the troubled country

By Mark Hodge

Sun Online- 15th February 2018-  The Iranian regime has created their own messaging apps which are spyware-enabled to help them hunt down anti-government protesters in the country, according to the report obtained by The Sun Online.

Mobogram is allegedly spyware enabled and is available to download on Apple's App Store
The most popular of these sinister applications is called Mobogram, which is used by millions of Iranians and is available to download by westerners on Apple’s App Store.
The report by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a political group which opposes the Iranian regime, shows that Iranian expats are using Mobogram to communicate with their relatives in the troubled dictatorship.
Deputy Director of the council Alireza Jafarzadeh told The Sun Online that the Iranian regime has “weaponised smartphones” in its bid to thwart demonstrators in the country.
He said: “When you download these apps and start using them, they have the ability to gain access to your contacts, track your location and they can see the content of your communications.
The regime is allegedly using the apps to crush the anti-government protesters who took to the streets in December and January.  
An infographic explaining how the Iranian regime employs front companies to develop spyware enabled messaging apps
“They can find out who you are, your phone number, your address, because they gain access to information on your SIM card.
“Some of the apps have found their way into global marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
“This means the Iranian regime could target the millions of Iranian expats living abroad who communicate with their relatives.”
Mr Jafarzadeh’s says that the Council’s research has shown  that the regime has used the spyware to “threaten, arrest, torture and kill people.”
In December and January, the Iranian regime was rocked by anti-government protests which erupted in over 100 town and cities across the country.
The Council’s research shows that the government has developed around 100 spyware enabled apps using tech companies which are a front for the evil regime.EPA
Some of the spyware-enabled apps are available to download in western countries.
Apps such as Mobogram are “forked”, or copied, from popular messaging app Telegram but “work faster and were promoted heavily” by the state-sponsored firms, claims Mr Jafarzadeh.
Wispi is another spyware-enabled messaging app used widely in Iran which is available to download on Google Play.
And Mr Jafarzadeh says the regime is “experimenting” with cyber warfare on its own people but could “apply these tactics” against  western countries.
He said: “The regime has turned these applications into a spying weapon.
 “They have weaponised these applications and as a result have actually weaponised smartphones in their favour.
“The Iranian regime is experimenting with cyberwar fare on its own population first – and once they have perfected that they could apply these tactics on countries outside of Iran.
“The regime feels very, very vulnerable to the uprising which is happening. They feel that the whole population is turning against them.”
The Sun Online has approached Apple and Google for comment.