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Bloody day in Idlib as ISIS attacks southeastern countryside


English News
English News

Orient News, Feb. 13, 2018 - Idlib province witnessed yesterday, Feb 12, an unprecedented campaign of assassinations and bombing attacks in rebel-held towns and cities, killing 20 people including civilians, while ISIS launched attack in southeastern Idlib countryside.
Orient News correspondent said 17 people were killed in Idlib province, where 9 people including IDPs from south Syria were killed in an IED explosion in the center of Maarat Mesrin city.
Three civilians were also killed as a motorcycle bomb exploded in a Khan Sheikhoun’s street south of the province, according to our correspondent.
In the meantime, two fighters were shot to death by unknown persons near Babila town, while a security member was killed in a similar accident in Ariha city and two unidentified bodies shot in the head were found near Maasaran town.
A group of Hayat Tahiri Al-Sham (HTS) fighters were targeted near Al-Mastooma with an IED that wounded many of them, while an HTS vehicle was detonated with an IED in east Maarat Al-Numan, leading to material damage only, our correspondent reported.
Simultaneously, ISIS launched an attack in southeastern Idlib countryside and captured the al-Khalakhil village and locations in the outskirts of al-Zarzour village after hours of clashes against rebel factions who killed and detained several ISIS members.
Orient News correspondent said that regime allowed access of ISIS members through its areas in Hama countryside to infiltrate to multiple rebel-held locations in the al-Khwin, al-Khalakhil and al-Zarzoor villages.