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Maryam Rajavi: Mullah regime means murder, looting, destruction and terrorism


English News
English News

Riyadh, Alriyadh Daily, 11 February 2018 - Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi has paid tribute to the freedom fighters in Iran – from the time of the revolution against the Shah, until the December 28 uprising.
During a meeting with a group of Iranians, she said, “The brave uprising erupted on December 28, and the continuous protests across the country proved that the Iranian people will be satisfied only with the toppling of the regime. With women and youth in the front lines of the uprising, there is every sign of the uprising continuing. Despite suffering from oppression and systematic violence for 39 years, the Iranian women never surrendered to these repressive practices.”
She reiterated her calls made at a meeting of the Council of Europe two weeks ago, "We call for the immediate release of the people arrested for the uprising, freedom of expression, lifting the bar on peaceful gatherings, stopping all forms of repression, and forcing women to be veiled.”
Maryam Rajavi said, “The mullah rule over the past four decades is summed up in just these few words: murder, looting, destruction, and terror-export in the name of the revolution.”
Two days ago, Khamenei admitted that corruption within the mullah regime is a seven-headed serpent. But the fact remains that the main head of the serpent is Khamenei himself. The Iranian people and the protesters clearly wanted to overthrow the mullahs and their tools of terror – the Revolutionary Guards and Basij forces – and replace them with a republic based on the principles of freedom and democracy. Instead of the country’s nuclear program and its quest for other weapons of mass destruction, they wanted education, health, sports, social security, a strong economy, and general well-being to make their country prosperous.
Maryam Rajavi called on all members of the repressive forces, particularly the Revolutionary Guards and Basij forces, to rise against the corrupt regime and to stop repressing the citizens. “The Iranian resistance has always said: No to compulsory religion, no to religious compulsion, and no veil by force. It is time to end all these constraints,” she said.