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Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the brutal attack against Dervishes


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English News

Iran uprising -No. 71


The Iranian Resistance Strongly condemns the brutal acts of religious fascism ruling Iran against the Gonabadi dervishes in Tehran and the aggression of the repressive forces against the residence of Dr. Nourali Tabandeh, the head Gonabadi Dervishes, at Golestan 7th Avenue. It also calls on all international human rights organizations to take immediate action for ending such repressive measures and for eliminating all restrictions and discrimination against dervishes.
After suppressive forces invaded Golestan Ave. on February 3, a group of dervishes went there to defend. On Saturday and Sunday evening, the riot police and intelligence forces tried to disperse the people by attacking them and to prevent more people from joining them by blocking streets to the area, but dervishes resisted and stayed there. A number of dervishes from different cities joined Golestan Avenue gathering.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 5, 2018


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