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Iran: thousands protest in Mashhad, saying "Death to the Dictator"


Thousands demonstrate in Mashhad
Thousands demonstrate in Mashhad

Iran, Dec. 28, 2017 - Reliable and eyewitness reports from inside Iran indicate that on Thursday, December 28, a huge rally by thousands of plundered investors in the city of Mashhad, northeastern Iran was organized to protest the unprecedented increase in the living costs putting heavy burdens on people's everyday life. The demonstrators staged the protest in front of the city hall in Mashhad.




The protesters chanted slogans including "Death to the dictators" and "Death to Rouhani" (the Iranian regime president).
They also confronted the police and the security forces that were trying to disperse the crowd by chanting "Police, go and catch the thieves" and "They are using Islam as a pretext to suppress the people."