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Iran Suppressive Security forces open fire at unarmed people in Shiraz


Iran repressive police fire at unarmed protesters
Iran repressive police fire at unarmed protesters

Iran, Oct. 29, 2017 - Iranian suppressive state security forces opened fire on unarmed protesters at late hours of Sunday night, Oct. 29th injuring a number of them. The protesters were trying to celebrate the National Cyrus Day.
Reports indicate that there is an undeclared martial law in the city of Shiraz to prevent people having a gathering.
Many Iranians on Sunday, Oct. 29 tried to travel to Pasargad, the memorial of the Cyrus The Great located on Shiraz-Isfahan Rd, to hold this National Cyrus Day, but were prevented by the suppressive state security forces. The Guards had set up dozens of roadblocks to prevent people from reaching the area. The people, therefore, decided to have this ceremony held in the city of Shiraz.