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Iran: Uprising of looted people in Tehran and confrontation with repressive forces


The uprising of thousands of looted investors againt the Iranian regime
The uprising of thousands of looted investors againt the Iranian regime

Protesters chanting slogans “cannon, machine gun and tank does not work anymore”, “death to the dictator”, “I kill whoever killed my brother”


On Monday morning, October 23, more than two thousand people, whose property was stolen by institutions affiliated with IRGC, judiciary and other government agencies, rallied in front of the regime's parliament. The repressive police force using batons, with the assault on the demonstrators and beating them brutally, tried to disperse the demonstration in which women played a very active role, but faced with the resistance of the people.
Protestors chanted to the assaulting forces: "The police force, Shame! Shame! ","Cannon, machine gun, tank no longer works”, “death to the dictator." When the police arrested some people, especially protesting women, and wanted to take them by force, the people chanted "You ISIS, you ISIS, death to ISIS, let them go," "Police, shame on you, let our fellow citizens go."
Some of the slogans of the protesters were: "Death to Saif (head of the Central Bank)", "Shame on Rouhani", "Larijani is apparently the judge but a thief's accomplice," "Theft is institutionalized, the hearts are full of hatred," "For traveling to other countries, they have taken our money "," They had a budget deficit, but they have taken it from our money", "Caspian has stolen, the government has supported it", " Saif betrayes, Parliament confirms", " I will not give up unless I get my rights"," Injustice is enough", ...
A number of demonstrating women and men came under the brutal invasion of the police who were rescued by the rest of the population with their resistance. People chanted "I kill, I kill whoever killed my brother" while throwing rocks, wood and other objects at the police.
Subsequently, the police surrounded the protesters so that they could not leave the surrounded area, but the people broke out of the siege and started marching towards the Baharestan square. The repressive forces tried to control the population by bringing a motorized unit, but the people continue their rally while throwing rocks towards them. A large number of people join the protesters.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 23, 2017