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Russian jets kill 3 paramedics in Idlib after raids reported in Idlib, Hama


Russian airstrikes hit Idlib Sep. 19, 2017
Russian airstrikes hit Idlib Sep. 19, 2017

Orient Net, Sep. 19, 2017-- Russian warplanes conducted on Tuesday (Sep. 19) multiple airstrikes on towns and villages in Idlib and Hama countryside, killing and injuring civilians.

Orient News’ Anas Tracy, reporting from Idlib, said, Russian airstrikes hit hospitals and medical points in the city and its countryside.

The air attacks were reported in Khan Sheikhoun’ Mercy Hospital, Kafrnebul Surgical Hospital, The Maternity Hospital in al-Tah, Khan Sheihoun’s Civil Defense Centre and many schools in al-Hbeit and Ma’aretzeita. 

In al-Tah Hospital, three paramedics were immediately killed by the Russian airstrikes, while a physician, Adel al-Kerdi, the head of the hospital, was reported to have lost his leg after suffering a critical injury.   

Meanwhile, Orient News’ Saef al-Abdullah, reporting from Hama northern countryside, said, 30 Russian airstrikes were conducted on Hama’s towns and villages.

6 air attacks in Murek city, 4 in Latamneh, 2 in Atshan town and 2 in al-Teilseyyeh were confirmed, according to Saef al-Abdullah.

Tuesday’s Russian crimes came after Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed a deal that would see the countries work together to police a de-escalation zone in Idlib for the next six months, according to a joint statement issued on Friday by the three countries following talks in Kazakhstan.