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Iranian mullahs' most fear is to be overthrown by the people


Saeedi, Supreme Leaders rep in the IRGC
Saeedi, Supreme Leaders rep in the IRGC
Iran, Sept. 20, 2017 - Iranian regime's Supreme Leader's representative in the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Ali Saeedi expressed his government's fear of having the same fate as the old Soviet Union.
According to the "Hozeh" news agency, on September 19, Ali Saeedi, the representative of leader of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in the IRGC during the fifth summit of the Assembly of Experts warned about the enemy’s infiltration and the defeat of the revolution.
He then noted the influenced in the former Soviet Union and the collapse of the country's system, and said: “Repetition of the fall of the Soviet Union formulation is the goals of the American domination system by penetration in our Islamic system.”
Khamenei's representative in the IRGC said: "The enemy has not retreated as much as the tip of a needle from his ideals, why should we go short of our ideals? The enemy is trying to force us to choose between abandoning the ideals and living in abjection with one's dilemma.”
Earlier in his remarks, former ambassador of the Iranian regime in Russia, in a television program, pointing to US pressure in this regard, said: "I make it clear for our people that we are in what situation and what happened to us. Right now if we make a complaint about the violation by the other side, it is like firing shots at ourselves.
Nasser Nobari adds: “It means there is a mechanism coming ip and within 45 days, the plaintiff says that I am not satisfied with the complains, and because he is not satisfied, he vetoes the votes in the Security Council, and the result is that all sanctions will come back. That's why we cannot complain about it. We cannot take action against the other party.
“They threw us in a stalemate. It means that they have put us in the corner of the (boxing) ring and hit us continuously, air plane sanctions, sanctions of I don’t know what… and we cannot do anything. Because it is in the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) that if make any move, it would be violation of JCPOA and we are not supposed to violate the JCPOA. So, we have to receive the right and left hook,” Nobari said.
The TV program host said that the reality is that we are now in a situation where the supporters and opponents of JCPOA in the Islamic Republic of Iran are all setting their thoughts on how to get out of this hackle (trouble).
Nobary continued: “I say JCPOA 1, and JCPOA 2, JCPOA 3, JCPOA 4… and the Berlin wall collapsed, all of the eastern bloc fell apart, indeed, the whole bloc was actually destroyed, all of which was the same subject of negotiations, that is, you need to give up on a strategic weapon, then back off on regional issues, then back off on human rights, and that is the end of everything.”
Khamenei on Sunday after sending Rouhani to New York with a promise of inviting the United States to the JCPOA table ridiculously said about the fate of the nuclear deal: “Americans should know that in the Islamic Republic of Iran it does not have any meaning to retreat in important matters related to national interests.”
Khamenei, who spoke in the crowd of the security forces and police, after his usual empty rhetoric said his main word and addressing the American statesmen implicitly hinted that he was ready to drink the next chalices of poison.
Khamenei said: “.... The corrupt, liar and deceitful officials of the United States accuse the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic of Iran of lying, while the Iranian nation is moving honestly and will continue this path honestly