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IRAN: Nuclear Chief acknowledges Iran regime abuses of nuclear deal in preparation for Atom bomb


Nuclear weapon blast
Nuclear weapon blast

Necessity to prevent enrichment, intrusive inspections of military and civilian centers and interviews with scientist

Allegations of Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on August 22, show well that the agreement with the six world powers, in addition to the unjustified economic and political concessions granted to the regime, has left the door open for obtaining a nuclear bomb . That is why, Salehi, while repeating hollow threats, emphasized repeatedly like Zarif and Rouhani that: "Our highest priority is to preserve JCPOA" and "We worked very hard to achieve JCPOA, and did not achieve it easily to lose it easily."
"We can start up in a maximum of five days enrichment of 20% at Fordow," Salehi said, adding that “Maintaining Fordow facility is a pro of the JCPOA.” In a hollow threat, which is more for internal consumption, he said, "This action has various messages from technical and professional viewpoints, and the other party understands that message."
He also said: "We will launch Arak heavy water reactor in a few months because only in some pipes outside of the reactor, in a few centimeters in diameter and two-three meters in length,  concrete has been poured, and we can remove the existing pipes and put new pipes."
Salehi implicitly acknowledged that the regime, by exploiting the freedom of research in JCPOA, is in the process of preparing for the appropriate enrichment for the bomb. "According to JCPOA , we can do research on advanced centrifuges ... We now have two very advanced IR-6 and IR-8 centrifuges," he said. “Their capacity is 10 times and 24 times of that of IR-1”.
"We also took a lot of long steps about the nuclear propeller," he said. "Of course, this is a long-term project of 10-15 years that we should look at , but we work hard on it ... only four to five countries have this technology."
The head of the Atomic Energy Agency of the regime also emphasized: "In the exploration and extraction, too, things are going well ... The most strategic part of it (the nuclear program) is to supply raw materials so that if raw materials like uranium are not available, we will not be effective regardless of how much progress we have made."
He said exploration and extraction and "a nuclear propulsion could have different military and commercial applications," and "we are working hard on this issue and the parliament emphasizes on it."
Salehi's statements, beyond their domestic consumption, reveal the fact that the regime, despite the many restrictions that the nuclear has created for it, is trying to complete the bomb making project by abusing the legal framework of this agreement. Therefore, in spite of the hollow threats to withdraw from the accord, it considers maintaining it as a priority, because in any change in the agreement, the Iranian regime loses big and making it impossible or qualitatively difficult to prepare for obtaining the bomb.
As it has repeatedly stated before, the Iranian resistance emphasizes on the necessity of implementing the previous resolutions of the Security Council and preventing the enrichment by this regime and the necessity of unconditional and unannounced inspections of all nuclear facilities of the regime - whether military or civilian - as well as the need for interviewing the clerical regime's nuclear experts..


National Council of Resistance of Iran – Foreign Affairs Committee
August 23, 2017