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IRAN: What is The number of widowed child-brides?


Divorce cases in Iran has quadrupled
Divorce cases in Iran has quadrupled

Iran, August 15, 2017-- A member of Women's Fraction of the Iran regime’s Parliament admitted that the child-marriage in Iran and its implications including divorce and abortion are increasing.


What is the circumstances and treatment of women living in Iran?

     What is the circumstances and treatment of women living in Iran?


Tayebeh Siavashi in an interview with ILNA News agency on Monday, August 14, 2017, stated, "The number of widowed child-brides is increasing. We currently have 2000 divorced child-brides. This figure is represented based only on the number of registered marriages. Therefore, the unofficial figure could be much higher."

Tayebeh Siavashi referred to the child-marriage as well as the widowed child-brides, stating that, "The widowed child-brides aged 13 or 14 are also the bread winner of the family. In other words, they have to bear responsibility for the children they give birth to."


The impact of this on Iranian society is clear and it can be seen in the eyes of the children

The impact of this on Iranian society is clear and it can be seen in the eyes of the children


Tayebeh Siavashi also stated that some of the young girls got pregnant immediately after a year of marriage and since their bodies do not have the necessary preparations, they have an abortion.

"They are young and the first pregnancy has a higher risk than the second one. These youngsters face risks twice as much and suffer from early fertility, which in most cases, they also suffer from frequent abortions. These issues must be considered because it would lead to catastrophic consequences," said the parliamentarian.

In part of her speech, Siavashi stipulated, "Another issue is that some of these children are forced to marry men who are old. Their age difference even reaches 30 years. The children are forced to marry."

In December 2016, the faculty member of Allameh Tabataba'i University, Shahla Azazi at the first national conference on child-marriage announced that there are 2000 married or widowed child-brides in the country. There is no accurate figure on the number of child marriages in Iran since some of these marriages are not registered. Consequently, a reliable statistics cannot be obtained. However, the official statistics show that the number of child-marriage has been increasing in recent years and the dire consequences have arisen by then.

Shahla Azazi also stated that the number of child-marriage in 2015 increased by 10,000 in comparison to 2014 and the number of divorces are increasing in the country.

According to the civil law of the Iran regime, the legal age of marriage for boys and girls are respectively 15 and 13 years old. The article 1041 of this law also allows the marriage of children under 13 and 15. According to this article," The marriage of girls and boys under 13 and 15 shall subject to permission of father to the expediency and determination of the competent court."

Indigence and addiction are the immediate consequences of regime's measures. Additionally, the anti-women laws are one of the factors that aggravate this social issue. It also hides the real facts about the true dimension of child-marriage as well as its implications in the country.


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