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Stop Ignoring Iran and Hezbollah Terror, US Ambassador Nikki Haley Tells Security Council


US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley..
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley..

The Algemeiner, JULY 25, 2017 - US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley expressed frustration on Tuesday with the UN Security Council’s attitude toward Iran and its terrorist proxies in the Middle East.

“Truth be told, the Security Council often makes the Middle East more complicated than it actually is,” Haley said at the Security Council’s monthly meeting on the region. “It obsesses over Israel. And it refuses to acknowledge one of the chief sources of conflict and killing in the Middle East — that is, Iran and its partner militia, Lebanese Hezbollah.”

Haley began her remarks by affirming that the US “shares everyone’s concern about the heightened tensions in Jerusalem.”
 “All parties should work to reduce these tensions, and we offer whatever assistance we can in helping to do this,” she stated. But, she added, “I am going to refrain from further comment on this sensitive issue in the hope that wisdom will prevail over emotions.”

Turning the Security Council’s attention to Iran and Hezbollah, Haley asserted that “together with its Iranian patron, Hezbollah seeks to cause destruction throughout the Middle East.”

“Some see ‘two wings’ to Hezbollah — a terrorist wing, and a political and social wing,” she told the Security Council. “This is a convenient excuse for Hezbollah, but it is dangerous fiction.”

Haley excoriated the Security Council for its timidity in confronting Hezbollah’s multiple violations of its resolutions on Lebanon — including the core demand that Hezbollah disarm, as the Lebanese Army is regarded as the only legitimate military force in the country.

“For too long, the Security Council has chosen to pretend that the status quo is acceptable for the people of Lebanon,” she said. “It is not. Hezbollah’s illegal weapons build-up is putting the people of Lebanon in great danger.”
Haley continued: “Remarkably, this council cannot even bring itself to use the word ‘Hezbollah’ in recent resolutions or statements on Lebanon.

absurd. Worse than that, it’s dangerous.”
“We must begin to get serious about enforcing our own resolutions that have been routinely violated by Iran and Hezbollah,” Haley concluded.


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