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Research body warns of rising unemployment in Iran


English News
English News

Azernews, 13 June 2017 -- The Iranian Parliament’s research center has forecasted that the unemployment rate in the country would surge by at least three percent and maximum 14 percent over the next four years.

A recent study by the parliament’s research center suggests that Iranian unemployment rate would reach 16 percent by 2020 in an optimistic scenario.

However, the report adds that the figure may hit 26 percent in a pessimistic scenario.

According to Iran’s statistical center, the country’s unemployment rate over the last fiscal year (starting March 20) stood at 12.4 percent with an estimated 2.2 million unemployed job seekers.

Hassan Rouhahi earlier said that the country needs a permanent 8-percent GDP growth to create one million new jobs annually.

According to the government, Iran, in order to reduce the rising unemployment rate and to create 950,000 new jobs, needs to draw over $233 billion in investment per year.