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Yemen: Coalition launches intensive raids on Iran- backed Houthi positions east of Taiz


English News
English News

Al Arabiya, 11 June 2017 - Twenty-four hours after the beginning of military operation Hawk Al Halema on Saturday, the south and east fronts of Taiz witnessed fierce battles under dense air cover of the Arab alliance aircraft.

At dawn on Sunday, coalition aircrafts launched more than 15 raids east of the city, targeting militants’ positions in the Softel hill and the Special Security Forces camp.

These intensified raids coincided with the attempt by the Yemeni army and the resistance to break into the Special Security Forces camp east of the city.

Coalition fighters also targeted militants’ tanks in Softel hill, the Central Security Camp and the presidential palace.

There were violent clashes between the legitimate forces on the one hand and Houthis and forces loyal to Saleh in the vicinity of the camp.

On the other hand, the militias carried out heavy and random shooting with various types of heavy and medium weapons, targeting civilians and residential areas.

On Saturday, the army was able to control several areas south of Taiz.

Colonel Mansour al-Hassani, a spokesman for the army in Taiz, said that the units of the legitimate forces implemented a successful military operation on the locations of the Houthi and ousted Saleh militias on several fronts in rural Taiz. This resulted in killing at least 25 elements and injuring dozens of militias.

They also managed to proceed and control several important and strategic sites in the fronts of Ash-Shaqab and Su, Al-Dhubab and Al-Qadha west and South of Taiz.

Colonel al-Hassani said that the army has regained control of several positions in the front of Ash-Shaqab south of Taiz. The fighting now is directed towards the Habour area, despite the minefields planted by the militias on this front, which represents a major obstacle to the proceeding process.