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Free Syrian Army forms new operations room in Daraa


Two Assad terrorists run away as oppositions sniper targets them
Two Assad terrorists run away as oppositions sniper targets them

Orient Net, 06 June 2017-- A number of opposition fighting groups in southern Syria announced on Sunday (June 4) forming a new operations room in al-No’aima city, east of Daraa, under the name of Russ al-Sufouf or “Reinforcement of Ranks”.

The newly-formed operations rooms aims to achieve broader coordination between opposition groups in repelling Assad terrorists’ and allied foreign militias’ attacks who have been trying to occupy the liberated areas in Daraa, a source that has knowledge of the recent formation said on condition of anonymity.

The media office of the new operations room issued a statement saying that the formation of the room came because of “what the south of Syria is going through as sectarian militias are threatening and menacing to re-occupy south of Syria in full,” and adding that the formation was done responding to the populations’ demands to unite the ranks in order to repel the “aggression” of Assad terrorists and allied foreign militias.

The operations room is comprised of Firqat Fallujat Houran, Firqt Osoud al-Sunna, Jaysh al-Thawra, Fawj al-Midfa’iya, and Liwa al-Motasem groups, the media officer in Firqat Fallujat Houran, Baraa Maf’alani told SMART news agency.

Russ al-Sufouf Operations Room (RSOR) said it targeted the gatherings of the Iran-backed foreign militias manning al-Majbal al-Sharqi checkpoint, east of Daraa, with heavy artillery. It also announced foiling an attempt by the foreign militias to push towards Daraa Camp, amid Russian air coverage.

More, al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room (BMOR), a Free Syrian Army (FSA) operations room which coordinates military action against Assad terrorists in Daraa, announced on Sunday regaining control over all the points recently lost to Assad terrorists on the fronts of Daraa Camp in the city.

BMOR also confirmed killing or injuring many Assad terrorists despite the heavy artillery shelling which targeted areas under its fighters’ control.