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Iran's last live debate of the sham presidential elections


Iranian prsidential candidats
Iranian prsidential candidats

Iran, Tehran, May 12, 2017- Mir-Salim, another candidate lashed out against vice president Jahangiri by attacking the government's inaction in stopping the corruption among the elite in the government. He said customs' officials have known for past 4 years that there are suspicious movement of goods. Huge amount of goods is entering the country without the customs knowledge. They have rung the alarm, but your government officials ignore these notices. These illegal works have devastating effect on the country's economy. What kind of oversight is that? There is no government oversight over these actions. The smuggling phenomenon have been going on for past four years ruining the economy. What move have you been making to prevent this disaster? 

It is worth knowing that such angry remarks and revelations and exposition during these debates that one side tries to discredit the other side in a country such as Iran in which all sides are corrupt and crooks would discredit to entire government.

Remembering how the 2009 debates paved the way for nationwide uprisings, rattling the regime's entire establishment, this year's debate was shortened in timing to prevent any uncontrollable sparks.  Despite all this, the arguments provided a vivid view into the regime's critical domestic crises.

More important is the fact that, similar to all previous so-called "elections" in this regime, no candidate was able to provide a comprehensive political and economic agenda.  Twelve rounds of presidential elections, parliamentary polls, and votes for city councils have provided nothing but more of the same.




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