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Because of Iran, some opposition members walk out of Astana


The Astana talks on Thursday (May 4)
The Astana talks on Thursday (May 4)

Orient Net- Astana-2017-05-04- Some members of the delegation of the opposition fighters withdrew their participation from the Astana talks on Thursday (May 4) against the backdrop of Turkey-Russia-Iran agreement on “de-escalation” zones in Syria.

As soon as the agreement was announced, the representative of Sham Legion, Yasser Abdul Raheem, objected by stating that "Iran is a criminal and we will not accept its signature."

Following Abdul Raheem’s remarks, some members of the delegation rushed to calm him down and walked out with him, including Osama Abu Zeid, spokesman for the delegation of negotiations in Astana.

The latest incident took place after the delegation of the opposition fighters agreed to return to the talks on Thursday after it had previously suspended its participation in protest of Assad regime’s continuous shelling of civilian-populated neighborhoods in Syria.

However, Iran’s signature sparked an outrage by many of the opposition members.

The three countries agreed to form “de-escalation zones in Idlib, Homs northern countryside, eastern Ghouta and Syria’s southern regions with the aim of putting an immediate end to the violence, improving the humanitarian situation and creating favorable conditions to advance the political settlement in Syria,” Russia Today reported.

It is worthy to mention that Iran has bolstered Assad regime on the ground through providing military "advisers" and Shiite mercenaries from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon, to help the Assad regime terrorize Syrian civilians and force them to leave their homes in an attempt to demographically change the population of Syria.