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Saudi Arabia foils plot to smuggle thousands of bullets and guns from Yemen



AlArabiya.net, 30 April 2017 - A spokesperson for a Saudi patrol force in Jazan, a city on the border with Yemen, told Al Arabiya that an attempt to smuggle weapons and ammunition into Saudi Arabia had been thwarted.

Khaled Kozeiz told Al-Arabiya.net that they received information that a group of smugglers would attempt to smuggle weapons and ammunition into Saudi Arabia from Yemen and that the smugglers had headed from Wadi Damd, at the Saudi-Yemeni borders, towards the Manakhel Center in the Addayer governorate.


The guns and bullets were hidden in bags of rice. 


Each gun appeared to be carefully wrapped.


He said ambushes were set up in all the possible routes the smugglers may take.



Security patrols set up several traps to foil the smuggling attempt.


A security official said the smugglers did manage to get away, however.


Security forces then pursued the smugglers and opened fire on them to force them to stop, Kozeiz said, adding that the smugglers unfortunately managed to escape.



The guns were counted and lined up.


Security forces seized the weapons and ammunition, which consisted of 100 guns and more than 2,969 bullets of several types.


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