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Spicer: Trump Will Take ‘Appropriate Action’ On Iran If They Violate ‘Spirit’ Of Nuke Deal [VIDEO]


Sean Spicer warns Iran
Sean Spicer warns Iran

The Daily Caller, 26 April 2017 – Sean Spicer told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Wednesday that President Trump will take “appropriate action” on Iran if the administration’s “interagency team” deems the country is violating the “spirit” of President Obama’s nuclear deal.

“Is this an indication, Sean, that he is willing to rip it up, and start again and punish Tehran even further?” Hemmer first posed to the White House press secretary.



Every 90 days the president’s team has to re-certify whether or not Iran is living up to that agreement,” Spicer answered. “Right now the president has assembled an interagency team throughout the gov to look at the deal and whether or not they are living up to exactly those aspects they agreed to do, but not just those aspects of what they signed but the spirit of the agreement.”

“We’ve got to make sure Iran doesn’t go another ways,” he continued. “They got a lot of cash from the Obama administration under this deal, and we need to make sure they are living up to their end of the bargain.”

“We are conducting that interagency review. The president has directed that team to make sure that Iran is doing exactly as it said, and then if not he’s going to take appropriate action.”