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Iran: In Commemoration of April 8, 2011 Massacre of MEK Members in Camp Ashraf


Maryam Rajavi commemorates the April 8th 2011 massacre of Camp Ashraf residents
Maryam Rajavi commemorates the April 8th 2011 massacre of Camp Ashraf residents

On Thursday, April 6th 2017, the political prisoners of Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison issued a statement on the anniversary of the attack on the Mojahedin of Camp Ashraf on April 8th 2011. The statement entitled "Remember Saba and her comrades" is about the brutal attack of Iraqi forces on the Mujahedins resided in Camp Ashraf. Saba Haftbaradaran was a female Member of MEK in the city of Ashraf who was shot and martyred by the Maliki’s forces.
In the last moments of her life, she said: “we stand, we stand to the end." And immediately she became a model for other young Iranians in order to fight for the freedom and sovereignty.
The statement of the political prisoners reads: “in the midst of an eight-year Iran-Iraq war, the regime’s officials were chanting the slogans of "war, war to the victory" and" war, war, to quell riots in the world". At this time, the Mujahedins (MEK members) were shouting the slogan of peace.
The Mujahedins were the only ones who strongly condemned the plunder of investment projects as well as the slogans of "The Nuclear Energy is our indisputable right". They constantly condemned and revealed the crimes of the regime in the world.
In the midst of deploying troops and sending money for mass destruction equipment in order to kill Syrians, the Mujahedins were the only people who condemned these measures as well as the slogans of "defending the shrine" or "the effective strategy". They constantly supported the defenseless people of Syria.
So, during the last few decades in Iran, there was only one voice that shouted the facts and because of that the resistance always exists; the same voice shouting " If the Mujahidins stops, the world will stop as well" and this will remind us the will and policies of the heroin Saba Haftbaradaran who fought hard and said at the last moment of his life that "We will stand forever".
At the end, the statement reads: “was the sentence of "the world will stop if the Mujahed stops" only a fancy slogan? Was it an illusion? Or divination, and self-mutilation and suicide and all that were charged on it? Or was it ironically a deep belief on the human and history or was it a deep understanding concerning social, political, and international changes? Was the slogan chanted by those Mujahedins who are ready to retain their rights through resistance?
The regime’s officials are going to strengthen and preserve their sovereignty by campaigning in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. They actually keep on usurping sovereignty on the people of Iran.
On the other hand, there exists an organized resistance that stands against the Iran regime like the Mujahedins who were martyred on April 8th 2011. The world has gradually realized and acknowledged this fact today.
Cherished memories and God bless the Martyrs
The political prisoners of Gohardasht Prison, April 7th 2017"