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Mr. Bolton celebrates Nowruz with the Iranian Resistance


John Bolton the Former US Ambassador to the UN
John Bolton the Former US Ambassador to the UN

John Bolton, the former US Ambassador to the UN appeared on the stage in the gathering of the Iranian Resistance on the occasion of the Iranian New Year "Nowruz."
Mr. Bolton expressed delight to be among the Iranian opposition members in the great country of Albania.
He said: ’Glad to meet you here, I have every confidence that one day we meet again in a free Iran."
Talking to a huge crowd of jubilant combatants Bolton added; "I have a few words to Mullahs in Tehran. The golden era of relations with the United States is over. It is vitally important that the whole world understands that American policy on Mullahs’ regime in support of international terrorism and nuclear power program, is fundamentally changed."
He emphasized, "There are details that remain to be worked out, but the notion that this regime in Tehran has any legitimacy and can be trusted to honor its commitments, those illusions has been swept aside."
Mr. Bolton also expressed doubt about the nuclear deal with the regime of the mullahs and said: "The idea that a deal with the regime like that will either slow them down and certainly stop their nuclear program was misguided from the beginning. That deal is if the Ayatollahs are unnoticed, that deal has a limited life span. We have already seen the change in our policy.  Secretary of State Tillerson in the recent trip to South Korea said:  the past policy so called “Strategic Passion” is over and finished."