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Iran regime boosts spending on country's public broadcasting for 2017


Iranian regime majles [parliament]
Iranian regime majles [parliament]
Iranian regime Majles [Parliament] has dabbled the public broadcasting budget for 2017. The Majlis voted 130 in favor of the bill on Sunday January 15.
The money dedicated by the government to regime’s public broadcasting is 3.5 percent of the national budget which, considering the current rise, will reach nearly 3000 billion tomans (1 billion dollars) from a previous amount of 1500 billion (500 million dollars).
In Sunday’s session of regime’s parliament, Ahmad Salek, regime’s MP from Isfahan, expressed concerns about the spread of satellite channels that are against the regime, saying that “enemies of Islam have launched large satellite channels against us. There are currently more than 250 opposition channels that are planning against us, attempting to separate people and the youth from the revolution and dignified notions of the supreme leader (Khamenei). This was among the 14 objectives promoted by the sedition (2009 uprising)”, said Salek.
Bahram Parsaee, another member of regime’s parliament, however, opposed the increase in regime’s public broadcasting budget, saying that “the IRIB’s budget is currently 1200 billion tomans. With this legislation, we are increasing its budget to more than 2000 billion, namely a 50 percent increase. Which other budget did we increase this way? When did we raise the budget for poor and rural areas the way we’re raising the budget now for public broadcasting? This means the capacity to fund other sectors will be reduced.”
Also another member of regime’s parliament acknowledged people’s hatred of regime’s public broadcasting and stated that “the widespread use of satellite dishes across the country shows that our state broadcasting unfortunately lacks a significant audience. IRIB’s poor performance sadly causes people to turn to evil satellite channels, and the IRIB is to blame for that, since it has failed to play its role properly.”