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Iran: Protest gatherings in Yazd, Orumiah and Kangavar


Protest gathering in Kangavar
Protest gathering in Kangavar

Different sectors of the society in Iran demonstrated on Saturday, Jan. 14 in some of the major cities including Yazd (central Iran), Orumiah (northern Iran), and Kangavar (western Iran).

In the city of Yazd, street vendors gathered on Saturday, Jan. 14th to protest against city officials who wanted to unfairly tax them for running vending shops. They said these official come every single night to charge us 125,000 rials for unofficial tax which they would pocked this money without reporting to the government.

In the city of Orumiah, northern Iran, residents of Shahed suburb gathered in front of the judiciary and also the parliament member, Ghazipour complaining of not having water, gas, electricity, schools and drugstores in their neighborhood.

In the city of Kangavar, in Kermanshah province, western Iran, city hall employees rallied on Saturday, Jan. 14, to protest unpaid wages for past few months. They gathered in front of the governorate office in the province capital and demanded their rights.
They said their wages for past three and half months has not been paid and that government inaction and passivism regarding settling their due balance has made them worry of what this government is going to do for them and about their future job security.