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حمايت از اشرفيان

U.S. Congressmen express their support for nationwide uprising in Iran and for Ashraf residents


Congressman Bob Filner
Congressman Bob Filner
Seven U.S. Congressmen, in separate video messages, expressed their solidarity with nationwide uprising of the Iranian people and their support for Ashraf residents as the symbol of resistance and the beacon of hope for the Iranian people. These Congressmen are:
Congressman Bob Filner
Congressman Judge Ted Poe
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Congressman Lacy Clay
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart
Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart
The texts of messages of these Congressmen are as follows

Chairman Bob Filner, Senior member of Democratic Party and co-chairs of the Iran human Rights and Democracy Caucus

Dear Friends and Supporters of Democracy in Iran,
It is with great pleasure that I address you tonight, as we stand in solidarity with the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. I would also like to take this opportunity to send my warmest greetings to the brave men and women of Ashraf City.
Ashraf is not only a symbol of resistance and opposition to the Iranian regime, it is a symbol of hope for a better future, of dedication for an ideal, and solidarity for a common goal. Ashraf city is more than just a compound occupied by members of the Iranian resistance. It is flame that represents the light and energy of this movement. And today, by reiterating my support for this great city, I would like to remind all those who would wish to put out this flame that Ashraf will stand firm, and we will stand with them.
The Iraqi government has continued to cave to the pressures of the Iranian government to close Ashraf. They have continually threatened Ashraf residents and plotted to expel them from the country. The recent blockade of Ashraf by the Iraqi army and the incursions by the Iraqi police into Ashraf are blatant violations of international law. In light of these actions it is imperative that actions are taken to prevent escalation before a humanitarian crisis occurs.
The residents of Ashraf city are refugees recognized by Amnesty International and the United Nations. Under the principle of non-refoulment any forced repatriation of them is illegal. They are also protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, and are owed a duty of protection not only by the Iraqi government but also by coalition forces.
As co-chair of the Iran Human rights and democracy Caucus, I would like to reiterate our demands that the Iraqi government recognize and respect the rights of the residents of Ashraf. Furthermore we call on the United States to honor the ceasefire agreement it signed with the residents of Ashraf in 2003, and take steps to ensure the safety and security of Ashraf residents. The United States is responsible for the safety of Ashraf residents as long as it continues to have a military presence in Iraq, and must live up to this obligation. The United States cannot look the other way while the agents of the Iranian regime plot schemes against Ashraf.
Also I would like to take this time to congratulate the Iranian resistance on having its name removed from the EU terror list. This represents another victory for the resistance in its path towards retribution, and recognition of its legitimacy. The final step in this journey is the removal of the PMOI from the US black list, which I hope will happen shortly. There continues to be no reason for the PMOI to remain on the terror list, and I urge the State Department to follow the UK and the EU, and remove this unjust label.
In the wake of President Obama’s landmark speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, I agree it is time for the United States to start a new policy towards the Middle East. We must embrace democratic Moslem , who have struggled against dictatorships and fundamentalism. One need only to look at Iran’s history to know that the people and their resistance are both willing and able to secure their own freedom. America’s role is not to tell the Iranian people what to do, but to recognize their aspiration and stop policies which impair the people and their resistance.
In closing I would like to urge you all to continue standing with the brave Iranian people, from Ashraf City, to the streets of Tehran, as they continue their struggle for democracy and freedom, we must have new and free U.N supervised election. And I am confident that we will emerge victorious both in Ashraf City, and in Iran. MITAVAN VA BAYAD, MITAVAN VA BAYAD ( We can and we must).
Thank you

Judge Ted Poe, Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and a member of the House Iran Human Rights Democracy Caucus

I bring you greetings from The United States and The Great State of Texas, where I am a congressman. My name is Ted Poe. I used to be a judge before I went to congress, and all my life I have been concerned about basic human rights, that all the people throughout the world are entitled to.
One of the most basic rights of all is the right to speak ones mind. Even speak ones own mind in their own country, when they see that their government is not responding to the people. The recent elections in Iran concern me because it seems as though there may have been fraud and corruption in those elections and the people of Iran have spoken since those elections and are protesting the results of those elections.
The freedom to speak ones mind is a basic Human Right. I also believe that deep down in our soul, everyone of us throughout the world regardless of what we look like, regardless of our religion have the spirit of freedom. The spirit that deep down in our soul to be a free individual. And part of that freedom is the ability to speak ones mind, even political speech and religious belief. Both of those are controversial but both of those are protected in my opinion because they are basic human rights.
Sometimes when one speaks their mind they have trouble with their own government and they become really oppressed by their government. That is the case we see now with your neighbors and your friends now in camp Ashraf in Iraq. Those people who have protested have used the freedom that they have to speak their will, have now found themselves in Iraq but yet, they are Iranians. I think it is important that the world understand that those citizens at camp Ashraf be protected. The Iraqi government has the obligation morally and legally according to Geneva Convention to protect those individuals that are there.
My opinion is that The United States should do what it can to protect the sanctity and the freedom of those individuals, and not be giving in to outside pressures by the Iranian government. What we and the Iraqi government should do what is right for the people in Camp Ashraf. Our quarrel has never been with the Iranian people. The Iranians that live in The United States and the Iranians that have become now Iranian Americans are good people and they want that their homeland be a place where the people are respected and are treated correctly and that they have the basic human right and liberty.
That is what I want for the people of Iran and of course that is what I want for your friends and neighbors in Camp Ashraf. It is been good to be with you. God Bless every one of you.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus from Democratic Party

Hello to many wonderful people that are gathered in Paris with Maryam Rajavi who has been such a strong leader for peace and freedom and leading the Iranian resistance. I want you to know that we are standing with you and we appreciate the fact that you have remained strong. We want to stop the treatment of the people in Ashraf City .
We want to make sure that there is humanitarian aid and response to bring to them justice and equality. And yes, we want to stand with the Iranian people who have stood against an election that has not been proven to be correct. We want to pray with them. We want to stand with them.
We want to support the idea of their freedom quest and we want to stand against the violence and we want to allow the people to have the right to speak clearly about their views, and we want a nation that has been elected by the people of Iran . We want the people of Iran to be able to support the election and we understand why you did not support the election because you wanted it to be fair. But now, all of the world leaders and all of the non governmental organizations and the organizations that stand for free election must stand and ask the question: can we have a new election and a free election in Iran .
I am so sad again that I can not be with you but I want you to know that as a member of the United States congress, I feel perfectly free to give my greetings and my respect to Maryam Rajavi for all that she has done. Thanks again for having me to give this opportunity and to my friends from Texas , I bring you greetings.
This is congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee representing the 18th congressional district of Houston, Texas whishing this gathering of the freedom lovers and to continue to go stronger and stronger and we will work with you so that all people of Iran can be free and that city of Ashraf can be treated fairly and those people can receive their justice and the humanitarian relief.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Republican and senior member of Congress Foreign Committee and co-chair of the parliamentary group of “ Human Rights and Democracy in Iran”

Hi, this is Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, I’m speaking to you from Washington I apologize for not being able to join you today. Because today is a very important time for all of us who believe in freedom and the dignity of the individual and democracy to stand together against the threats that not only are being aimed at the people in camp Ashraf, but the people of the united states and the people of the western democracies as well. We must make sure that the Iranian mullahs who are dedicated to overthrowing western civilization and replanting our democratic institutions with some sort of radical Islamic law, we have to make sure that we stand together and we are not just in a defensive mode, but in an offensive mode. We have no reason to think that we have to stand by while the Iranian mullahs perpetrate crimes against their own people, it should be up to us not to wait for them to attack us but for us to join together and support the people of Iran who want to have a democratic secular government. Those people in Iran who are longing for the mullahs to go back to the mosque and for a time where people can live in freedom and people will not have to live in fear of some radical Islamic mullah coming down and destroying their lives. So with that said lets stand in solidarity together, lets make sure that those of us in the west who can stand with Iranians whether inside Iran or camp Ashraf, lets make sure we can stand together and send a message to the mullahs, its time for you to go back to the mosque and its time for Iran to become a democracy.

Congressman Lacy Clay, Democrat and a member of the House Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus

Hello this is Congressmen Lacy Clay. I am so pleased to offer greetings to you, the Iranian people and the supports of democracy in Iran, and stability in Iraq. It is my pleasure to speak with you today to congratulate the Iranian resistance for a number of well deserved victories. As mrs. Rajavi has said, these victories have forever vindicated your resistance and the justice of your struggle against tyranny. The brave people of Iran are confronting an extremist government, and have again rejected religious tyranny. I also join your gathering today in support of Ashraf and to denounce the siege of Camp Ashraf by Iraqi security forces. For the past four months the residents of ashraf have been denied the most basic rights guaranteed them by international law. Residents of Ashraf are protected persons under the fourth Geneva Convention, and the United Nations has recognized them as refugees in Iraq. I urge Iraq to refrain from any action that would endanger their lives or security by ensuring full access to food, water, medical care, fuel, supplies, family members, and international humanitarian organizations. Let me also recognize your actions in support of democracy in Iran. The United States must support the organized resistance by women, students, and other sectors of society who are opposed. I wish you all the best in your struggle for peace, freedom, and democracy. Thank you, may god bless the people of Iran with faith courage and peace. And may god continue to bless the United States.

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a republican member of the US Congress and House Iran Human Rights Caucus

I want to first thank all the freedom fighters, who are struggling and fighting and working for the freedom of a country that has been so oppressed by such a barbaric hardens terrorist apparatus that has controlled Iran.
And there are so many heroes who are doing every they can for a free and democratic Iran. I also want to express solidarity with the people of Camp Ashraf, who are again doing everything they can to make sure that the inevitable which will happen, which is freedom finally coming to the oppressed people of Iran happens as soon as possible, again you have my solidarity gratitude and friendship. Thank you very much.

Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart from Republican party, member of the House Iran Human Rights and Democracy Caucus

A special greeting from Washington to all of you who are there in Paris meeting for democracy in Iran. I’m very concerned about Ashraf and the men and women there who are under siege, we are dong everything possible here in the congress of the United States to make certain that the Iraqi government complies with international law, and that the men and women of Ashraf are respect, and protect as they must.
My solidarity to all of you. I have a lot of good friends there, I know Bahman Badiee From Florida is there, and my other good friends from Miami. Alejo Vida Quadras who is a leader in the European Parliament, perhaps the premier leader in the European Parliament for the cause of freedom in Iran I’m sure is there.
To all of you my friends my solidarity and friendship. It’s a critical cause, the cause of justice and freedom in Iran, keep up the fight, we’re in the same trench, and I know that you have no doubt that victory is assured if we keep up the fight, congratulations.


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