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Iran: Protest in "Parandak-Khazar" Slaughterhouse


File-Protest gathering of Parandak Slaughterhouse workers
File-Protest gathering of Parandak Slaughterhouse workers
On Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017 the laid off workers of "Parandak-Khazar" Slaughterhouse protested against being fired and not being paid. The protest was staged in front of the Governor's office in Gilan province.
"About 100 workers of "Parandak-Khazar" Slaughterhouse with long term records of service have been fired since April of 2016," said one protester. "We were fired after a 4-month cessation of the slaughterhouse's activities. We have not been paid our salaries for 6 to 14 months."
According to the protesters the slaughterhouse owes about 20 million tumans to these workers who have not been receiving any response for the past 9 months while the slaughterhouse owes every one of the, between 20 and 30 million Tumans.
The workers managed to obtain a judicial decree to possess the slaugherhouse's belongings to compensate for their unpaid salaries. But they found out that the "Agriculture Bank' has confiscated all the belongings for its own case against the slaughterhouse leaving the workers with nothing in their hands now.


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