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Syria: Wadi Barada’s Fijeh Spring endangered, initiative in Madaya


Areas around Damascus have been bombed by Assad regime
Areas around Damascus have been bombed by Assad regime

Orient TV. 2016,12, 26 - Assad regime have escalated their bombardment during the past 24 hours on the villages of Wadi Barada in Damascus western countryside, Syrian activists said.

Assad warplanes carried out Sunday several airstrikes, using barrel bombs, on multiple villages in Wadi Barada, coinciding with rocket and artillery shelling by Assad terrorists.

The bombardment targeted the villages of Ein al-Fijeh, Bassimeh, Deir Moqrin, and Kfier al-Zeit, leading to the death of five civilians in Ein al-Fijeh, and a woman in Kfier al-Zeit. Dozens of civilians, including children and women, were also injured.

Assad warplanes conducted intensive barrel-bomb attacks on the area of al-Fijeh Spring Facility, which rendered it out of service. The spring was directly targeted with at least 10 barrel bombs. This led to wasting one-third of the spring’s water into the ground, as rock layers were affected by the bombs, according to a joint statement by civil, medical and relief bodies in Wadi Barada. Water pumps and turbines were also affected which contributed to the reduction in the spring’s water, which serves the capital Damascus and many surrounding areas.

Observers say that if the bombardment continues this way for another couple of days, this would lead to a water catastrophe. The spring’s water will be completely lost on the ground.

Massive damage was also caused too many houses in Bassimeh, Deir Moqrin, and Kfier al-Zeit as Assad terrorists used the highly-destructive Fiel missiles in the attacks.

Assad regime wants to force opposition fighters in the villages of Wadi Barada to surrender their weapons to enforce a "reconciliation" or leave to northern Syria, according to observers.

Meanwhile, opposition fighters’ Jaysh al-Ezza published on Monday video footage showing the targeting of Assad terrorists’ training center in Suqeilbiyeh and Salhab villages in Hama countryside with Grad missiles in retaliation for the intense bombardment by Assad terrorists on Wadi Barada’s villages.

In a different context, civil, medical and relief bodies in Madaya and al-Zabadani, have presented a four-point initiative which said it could be a solution for the situation in the two Assad- and Hezbollah-besieged towns, activists reported.