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Intensification of Ashraf siege

Iraqi prominent Shiite MP: <br>PMOI should stay in Iraq and should be helped, supported and be allowed to have political activity


Ayad Jamal-addin
Ayad Jamal-addin
In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV on June 26, 2009, Ayad Jamaluddin, prominent Shiite clergy and member of Parliament, said : The PMOI should stay in Iraq and should be helped, supported and be allowed to have political activity. Ayad Jamaluddin said: "There is a group of people living in Iraq who are called the PMOI. They are against the Khomeieni’s regime ruling Iran. They are in Iraq based on International Law and nobody can expel them. They are being attacked and there are mobilizations against them, but are these moves in favor of Iraq, or these moves are to defend Iran’s interests in Iraq. The people must think about this question." Q: You defend PMOI’s presence in Iraq a lot on TVs. Isn’t it in contradiction with the fact that you lived in Iran for 18 years? Jamaluddin: First of all, I defend Iraq’ dignity and prestige, because Iraq is a country that respects international laws and conventions, and Iraq respects the presence of this people because they are protected by Fourth Geneva Convention. Q: It seems they participated in suppression of Iraqi people? Jamaluddin: These are fabrications and rumors disseminated by Iran’s intelligence service. If the PMOI had really oppressed the Iraqi people in their uprising, Iraqi government should have tried them like Saddam Hussein and Ali Shimiaii and others. Why it remits them, whereas they should have been in a worse situation. Why the government is silent before the foreigners who are in the country and kill the people? the Iraqi government is therefore guilty and must be tried because it has not tried the criminals who have participated in the massacre of the Iraqi people; or this is only a lie, and I believe the latter is correct and these are the lies fabricated by Iran’s intelligence in a bid to defame the PMOI, because there is a political and historical enmity between the Iranian regime and this organization. If they really killed Iraqis, then why Mr. Nouri al-Maliki is silent and does not refer them to the Criminal Court? We should understand that whoever fights with them and tarnishes their face is in fact pursuing Iran’s plan and plot. Q: Do you believe that this organization must stay in Iraq even if it is hostile to a brother country? Jamaluddin: It should stay and it should be helped and must be supported and must be allowed to have political activity, because Iran is meddling in Iraq. Iraqis have no card other than the PMOI to confront Iran’s influence. Q: Do you want to use them (PMOI) as a political card? Jamaluddin: They must be given the permission for peaceful political and public activities against Iran, because they are Iranian regime’s opposition. They must be given radio, television and newspaper and they should have movements as they wish; this is the right of all refugees around the world. It is not appropriate to fight with them, because no means exists for blocking Iran’s influence in Iraq other than this group.