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Qatar and Saudi Arabia Praised the Resolution Against the War Criminals in Syria


Alya Al-Thani, Qatar’s representative to the UN
Alya Al-Thani, Qatar’s representative to the UN

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have praised the UN resolution on investigating war criminals in Syria adopted in the morning of Thursday, December 22, according to Aljazeera.
Alya Al-Thani, Qatar’s representative to the UN, said that the adoption of the UN resolution to probe war criminals in Syria is a clear message to all human rights violators that they will be brought to justice, no matter how much time has passed.
On the other hand, Manal Hassan Radwan, first secretary at Saudi Arabia’s mission at the UN, also said that her country hopes that this resolution is going to reduce the crimes committed against the Syrian people and stop their forced displacement and also put an end to the presence of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards in Syria.
The draft resolution on war crimes and crime against humanity, provided by Qatar and Lichtenstein, was supported by 105 countries, while 52 countries abstained from voting and 15 countries voted against it.
The resolution asks for establishing a special team to collect, consolidate, preserve and analyze evidence as well as to prepare cases on war crimes and human rights violations perpetrated during the Syrian conflict.
The resolution was opposed by the Syrian regime and its allies, headed by Russia and the Iranian regime.