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Call by more than 100 international bodies and NGOs to prosecute the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre


Massacred in Iran in 1988
Massacred in Iran in 1988
Amnesty International calls the 1988 massacre 'Crimes against humanity.'
UN Human Rights Commissioner, Mr. Zeid Al-Hossein has called for the prosecution of those involved in the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in Iran in the summer of 1988.
"With the increase in the number of arbitrary executions in Iran, new details of the heinous 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran has immerged that has shocked the entire nation of Iran.
An audio tape of Ayatollahs Montazeri was surfaced on Aug. 9th of this year revealing the crimes perpetrated by the so called "Death Commission" comprised of a number of high ranking officials in Khomeini regime, also currently holding key positions in the current Rouhani government. Mr. Montazeri has called this the greatest crime in the history of the Islamic Republic, something that cost him his position to become the heir apparent to the Supreme leadership after Khomeini.
Recently more than 100 NGOs and international organizations have called for immediate investigation in to these allegations by the Supreme council in Human Rights
First, to condemn in the strongest terms, the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988 and call to end the ever increasing executions in Iran,
Calling on the UN to form a investigative committee in to these extrajudicial executions