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"Judiciary Must Deal With Gender Equality Activists"; Iran regime official in charge of women


Minoo Aslani, in charge of Basij paramilitary force, women branch
Minoo Aslani, in charge of Basij paramilitary force, women branch

Iran's paramilitary force Basij has a women's branch which oversees the recruiting of  young girls for this brutal and anti-Iran force. The woman in charge of this branch is called Minoo Aslani believes that the country's adherent to the internationally recognized "gender equality" is "unconstitutional" according to the mullahs' regime laws.
Assessing all the efforts to create "gender equality" in Iran as "contrary to the interests of women". She continued on saying, "This current mentality of "gender equality”, [wants] to distort the identity of Iranian ladies through misusing women's issues, According to state run ‘Mehr’ news agency on Saturday December3, at a press conference.
Minoo Aslani also criticized the United Nations’ ‘Color The World Orange’ campaign on the occasion of the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women, saying this campaign calls on women “not to express their affection and love for their family."
Aslani slammed the regime's officials, and asked, "Why should they commit themselves to UN, to achieve “gender equality” in the next 15 years?"
She added: "it is heard that a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ has been signed on jobs to be divided equally between men and women." This is against women’s dignity.
She also complained and asked, why some people are against the marriage of 17-years-old girls and consider it an example of violence against women? And further continued: "The marriage of girls at a young age is an honor and the judiciary should promote such "thought" in the society.”
She said, some questionnaires have been distributed to evaluate performances of different official bodies on “gender equality". This is "unconstitutional" and "The judiciary must act."
Women working in a mixed environment, is an example of "violence" against women and an issue which disrupts women's security. Minoo Aslani protested.



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