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Iran: no knowledge of political prisoner’s conditions


Political prisoner Asoo Rostami
Political prisoner Asoo Rostami
The family of political prisoner Asoo Rostami has expressed concern about the condition of their son after his transfer to Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran. His mother has been threatened by state security not to seek any information about her son’s conditions, or else there will be consequences to pay.
“Currently the Rostami family is extremely concerned about their son Asoo told his family over the phone he has been threatened. He has been told he will be sent to a place where his last location will seem like a hotel. Afterwards he was transferred to Gohardasht Prison and there has been no news of him ever since,” an individual close to the Rostami family said.
Political prisoner Asoo Rostami was sentenced to 2 years behind bars by the regime’s so-called courts for his internet activities; publishing criticizing text about human rights and executions in Iran; expressing sympathy with the families of political prisoners and families of death row prisoners; taking part in a rally in support of Kubani; expressing sympathy with the families of 2009 uprising crackdown victims; connections with human rights activists; assembly and collusion against the establishment; and insulting the leader.


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