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Arab Countries Called on UN to Convene an Extraordinary Meeting About Syria


Formation of Aleppo Army to confront Assad mercenaries
Formation of Aleppo Army to confront Assad mercenaries
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and UAE in a statement called on the General Assembly of UN to convene an extraordinary meeting due to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Aleppo, according to Al Jazeera Television on Mon. Dec. 5.
The aforementioned 4 countries reiterated that the General Assembly shall hold an extraordinary meeting to issue a resolution on Aleppo since the UN Security Council failed to obtain consensus on Syria.
In the statement, the 4 countries stated that the situation is dangerous in Syria and the General Assembly of UN has to reach a solution regarding the issue as the civilians are suffering from the devastating repercussions and killings. In addition to that, any attack on Syrian civilians is in violation of the international humanitarian law and it may also count as war crimes.
760 civilians were killed in Aleppo over the past 19 days
As one of the commanders of the Free Syrian Army stated, 758 civilians were killed over the past 19 days due to ground attacks and airstrikes launched by the Assad regime, Russia and militias of the Iranian regime in Aleppo.
The speeches of Mohammad Sheikh were relayed by the Anatolia news agency. He talked about the Iranian regime's militia who launched a massive invasion of residential areas and the civilians in Aleppo.
On the other hand, an official civil defense, Babris Michel said to Anatolia news agency that the number of civilians killed in the east of Aleppo reaches to 758 people and hundreds of thousand civilians are under siege in the area of 25 square kilometers.
Syrian Opposition refused to leave Aleppo again
On Sunday 4th December 2016, Al Jazeera reported about the Russian proposal to Syrian fighters. The news reads: "the Syrian opposition leaders have rejected the Russian's proposal to leave the east of Aleppo and they will not give up at any cost."
Al Jazeera added: "the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov on Saturday asked the Syrian opposition to leave the east of Aleppo. He also said that he will arrange the issue with Americans. The leaders of the Syrian Opposition claimed that Lavrov's statements violate the agreement that was signed between Russian and the representatives of the opposition in Ankara."
The Vice president of the coalition said that the military attacks that were launched on Aleppo by Assad and his allies have been failed.
The vice president of the Syrian National Coalition, Abdelahad Astepho said the Assad regime, Russian and the militia of the Iranian regime intend to capture the city of Aleppo through ongoing military attacks despite the fact that the crimes and massacre of civilians have been failed. He added that the current war in Syria is the greatest crime after World War II. The vice president of the Syrian National Coalition stated: "the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran failed to achieve their objectives in Aleppo. Russia is currently sunk in the mire of problems in which it seeks to clear up."