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Iran: former Tehran U. Dean issues message marking Students Day


Dr. Mohammad Malaki
Dr. Mohammad Malaki

Dr. Mohammad Malaki, the first dean of Tehran University following the 1979 revolution, issued a message marking Students Day in Iran.


“My dear Resistant and ‘Mojahed’ youths
“This old man has for 70 years relentlessly struggled for freedom, raised my voice, suffered in prison and endured scores of torture and other difficulties for myself and my family. I now believe our country is on the verge of major developments and these days we must unite… for a changing movement with widespread experience from the past… and with knowledge from autocratic regimes, especially the mullahs’ regime. We will strike forward firmly so that we will not yet again be deceived by the deceivers, including the exposed mullahs and others who have during these years boasted of freedom, yet never taken any necessary action.
“We must form a movement…
“A movement that has been alive in our country for more than 100 years, from the Constitutional Movement, to the jungle uprising, the National Party led by Dr. Mohammad Mossaddegh, and the 1979 revolution… that all led to failures due to betrayals and being taken hostage by domestic and foreign elements, leaving our people devastated, as we continue to witness today.
“My dear youths….
“If we only take a look back at recent developments, we will realize this truth more than ever before, that the mullahs’ regime is so engulfed in all-out corruption that there is no hope in saving this ill establishment.
“The Montazeri sound bite… which the regime went the distance for years to prevent its publication, shed light on many things, and launched such an aftershock in our society, especially amongst those who never thought this regime would resort to such measures…
“The crimes committed by the mullahs… especially during the 1980s against college students and others involved in our country’s colleges and universities, has opened many eyes. They are now realizing that those who are ruling this country in the name of God are ruthless criminals that will resort to any crime necessary to maintain their rule.
“I am calling on our country’s students… to not let the regime have this crime be forgotten. The justice movement is gaining strength day by day and we all must demand international courts to see into this crime against humanity, a crime that took the lives of so many college students and teachers.
“In your meetings and slogans you should never forget innocent political prisoners such as Abdulfattah Sultani, Narges Mohammadi, Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrokh Iraie Ibrahimi, Mohammad Ali Taheri, Ali Moezi, Sedighe Monfared and others.
“My dear youths… there are issues being discussed today in our country that one can say this regime is no longer competent to remain in power, and you are the leaders of the future who must lead Iran towards freedom, prosperity and equality.
“Unity is the first necessity for victory, and I promise to be by your side until my last breath for the cause of freedom. Don’t ever forget that all universities are all bastions of freedom for this nation. I wish you success and victory.”


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