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Iran stone cutting industry is on the verge of collapse, thanks to Rouhani's incompetency, inaction


Ceramics cutting business in Iran on the verge of collaps
Ceramics cutting business in Iran on the verge of collaps
Yazd’s chamber of commerce and exporter of building ceramics says “more than half of stone cutting factories in Yazd province (Central Iran) have been closed and most building stone mines are regarded as semi-closed as they have cut their production due to having no market for their products.”
In an interview with the state news agency ‘Nasim Online’ on Wednesday November 23, Amir Hossein Heydarzadeh Buicki pointed to the recession in housing sector and said: “the building stone market is directly associated with the housing and construction sector, and as the housing has slipped into a long-term recession since 2014, it has affected other sectors including ours.”
He stated that it’s unlikely that the recession is going to be over any time soon and added: “there are 6,000 stone cutting units in the country, most of which have been closed due to this long-term recession; and those who have not, have been forced to adjusted their workforce, currently working with 15-20 percent of their capacity.”
The member of Yazd’s chamber of commerce also acknowledged that they’ve had no exports this year, with the amount of their export being zero.
He also said that “Egypt, Turkey and Oman have taken over the market from Iran”
Heydarzadeh Buicki pointed to the inaction of the Rouhani’s government to support and provide facilities for the export of the (building stone) industry’s products and said that: “the government should provide us with some facilities for exports, but unfortunately has done nothing yet in this regard, offering us no support of any kind. The status of monetary transactions has not been improved either, and the building stone buyers are not willing to buy from us under these conditions.”