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The Hungarian Parliament rejects plan to ban Orban quotas of refugees Brussels


Hungarian Prime Minister in Parliament in Budapest
Hungarian Prime Minister in Parliament in Budapest

It is a setback for the claims of the prime minister but insists that this will load
Hungary,ABC, Nov. 8, 2016
-  The Hungarian Parliament rejected the proposal by the Government of Prime Minister today conservative Viktor Orban , to amend the Constitution to prohibit refugees arriving in the country without the permission of local authorities. However, after the vote in a session televised live, the head of government left the door open to a new attempt to push through the amendment directed against the provision of the European Union (EU) to distribute quota among the 28 selected partners refugee populations .
The ruling Fidesz Orbán needed only two opposition votes to get the two -thirds majority required to amend the Constitution, so it did not reach the support of 131 deputies of his party. They voted against only three independent lawmakers, while the rest (65) abstained, meaning that no opposition party voted.
"The presidency meeting (Fidesz) will decide if presented again (the amendment)," said the prime minister to leave the room, as quoted by the portal "index". The amendment was introduced by Orbán into law the result of the referendum held on October 2, although the inquiry was invalidated because participation did not reach the threshold of 50% of the electorate established by law for the plebiscite is binding.
98% of those who participated in the referendum ruled against the system ofdistribution of refugees from the EU , and Orbán said that the proposal wants to assert the will of those 3.3 million Hungarians. The Government hoped that the far - right opposition party, the Jobbik, could give her "yes" to the amendment, but this training, the third parliamentary force, made its support for the so - called "bonds residence 'be eliminated.
"Bonds residence '
These documents give a residence permit to all non-EU foreigners to buy 250,000 euros in special bonds of the Hungarian state. The Government described as "blackmail" the requirement of Jobbik and said he would not yield, but began preparing to remove this mechanism residence.
With the amendment, Orbán sought to anchor as a constitutional law banning that can "settle" in Hungary "foreign population" without the prior approval of Parliament. Now the government is expected to resume once the issue bonds delete residence to obtain the support of the extreme right. The party (Fidesz) "is prepared for all scenarios. All in good time, "said Zoltán Kovács, Secretary of State for Communication, after the vote on Tuesday.