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Biggest Iranians’ gathering in Paris

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s speech in gathering of 90,000 Iranians in Paris


Text of address by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi,
President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 20, 2009

It is so good to see you here in such numbers to mark the largest gathering in solidarity and defense of the Iranian people and Ashraf City. You have brought misery to the mullahs and joy to the people of Iran.
In memory of the martyrs,
The Iranian people send their greetings and salutations,
And let us send our greetings and salutations from inside and outside the occupied nation and from the steadfast Ashraf
to my valiant sons and daughters, to my arisen sisters and brothers in the streets and in universities during the massive uprising of the Iranian people across the country which began on June 13 and is continuing all over our beloved nation to this very day like a roaring river.
The struggle will continue until triumph in Tehran
So, we sing with them:
City of the Sun is our nest
Flames and rage run in our songs
We head home
Singing along the way
Our home does not belong to the enemy,
It is ours, we say.
Let us send endless greetings to the martyrs and thousand of those injured and arrested during the uprising of the people of Iran for freedom in recent days.
We are left to wonder: For what crime were they murdered other than wanting to live in freedom?
So, let us rise and pay homage to the martyrs with a standing ovation.
Indeed, this ovation is for the audacious women and men, who like those in Ashraf, have forsaken their lives, and endured truncheons, beatings, bullets, and tear gas. They have been battered and bruised by the Revolutionary Guards, the Bassijis and Intelligence Ministry agents, but have declared null and void the sham elections staged by the veli-e faqih, the Supreme Leader.
They have shown to the world the real vote and choice of the Iranian nation.
And they are chanting against the occupier and usurper mullahs: You are the enemy of this land and we are its owners; and that, “neither Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I give my life for Iran.”
They are bravely chanting in the streets, ’Iranian nation, bring down the dictator.’
Indeed, the sacred rage that has exploded in the streets across Iran is different from all pervious demonstrations, protests and uprisings.
This is because just one day after the election farce, it exposed the mullahs’ witchcraft and demonstrated to the whole world the Iranian nation’s genuine and real choice, which was freedom over dictatorship and religious fascism, and popular sovereignty over absolute rule of the mullahs.
This is the real and pressing choice for the Iranian people, which the mullahs have stolen from them for the past thirty years by usurping the people’s sovereignty.
The real scenes of the election were not the bogus votes, but the uprising by the millions which has heralded Tehran’s spring; The real scenes depict the courage and leading role of heroic women who have impressed every one by their resistance against the Revolutionary Guards; The scenes of rocks being hurled at the mullahs and their agents by the Mojahed and combative youths in every corner of the country; And, the scenes of cries of women and youths echoed all over Iran and around the world. The people of Iran do not want the regime of velayat-e faqih and are crying out, ’Khamenei shame on you, let go of your absolute rule.’
Indeed, the world is watching the resounding ‘NO’ by the people of Iran these days to the ruling theocracy, the velayat-e faqih regime, as well as the boycott of the regime’s election masquerade.
Khamenei is trying to paint the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the ruling theocracy in the context of a simple dispute of a candidate who is protesting against the vote count or the committing of some fraud, and that anything else is the work of ’world arrogance’ and ’terrorists’.
The real issue is that the regime’s factional feuding has created an opportunity amid the repression for the people of Iran to demonstrate in the streets of Iran and before the world the real struggle, which is the fire simmering under the embers.
As you know, yesterday, the political crisis and earthquake within the mullahs’ regime reached the point of no return.
Khamenei was quite clear and emphatic in defending the 40 million vote fraud, supporting Ahmadinejad’s presidency, opposing the annulment of the election, warning the defeated factions and threatening a bloody suppression of the popular uprising.
The Supreme Leader said that he will not accept the annulment of the results or a new election and if others want to continue the demonstrations in the streets it will have dangerous implications and ’whether they want it or not will, they be responsible for the bloodletting, violence and chaos’ because this demonstration opens the way for ’terrorists. In effect, he means opening the way for overthrowing the velayat-e faqih regime by the people, the Mojahed and combative youth, and the organized resistance of the Iranian people.
Khamenei tried to separate Rafsanjani from others to ensure that the rivalry over the presidency overshadows the dispute over leadership within the decadent regime.
Khamenei tried very hard, as I noted, to say that the conflict in Iran was not between the supporters and opponents of the state. As such, he explicitly stressed several times that all four candidates were elements within the system, belonged to the system and were loyal to the velayat-e faqih regime.
He also denied Western governments’ long-term incentives and concessions as well as their appeasement of the regime. He attributed the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people to them and said that hopes for a velvet revolution similar to Georgia were futile.
I said yesterday that Khamenei’s explicit support for Ahmadinejad’s presidency and the outcome of the elections, as well as rejecting the demands for annulment of the election and warning the defeated factions, Mousavi, Karroubi, Khatami and Rafsanjani, leave only two options: Either kowtowing to the Supreme Leader as Khatami did during the 1999 uprising or distancing themselves from him somewhat, separating themselves from him. Otherwise, they will certainly be the ultimate losers and Khamenei will eliminate them from the scene, as Khomeini did to [his handpicked successor] Montazeri [in 1988].
Yesterday, the Supreme Leader left no doubt that he will not spare any measure for the bloody suppression of the popular uprising.
Therefore, it once again became apparent that in the velayat-e faqih regime there is no way out for Iran and its enraged citizens other than democratic change and free elections under United Nations supervision.
The religious dictatorship and all its suppressive institutions must be dismantled.
I would like to thank the stances taken by leaders, personalities and political parties in various countries against Khamenei’s suppressive threats, and also their support for the Iranian people’s uprising. But, I must also say that it is incredibly insufficient and must continue so that the suppressive regime would take it seriously.
Dear Compatriots,
Today marks the 28th anniversary of the start of resistance for freedom with 120,000 martyrs dedicated to the cause of freedom,
So, I proudly declare to the world on behalf of the Iranian people that,
From a political and strategic standpoint, those leading the masquerade, namely the Supreme Leader and his crony, Ahmadinejad, were defeated. They had no choice but to push their regime into the irreversible slope leading to its overthrow. All wheels are now set in motion against the regime.
We, the Iranian people, those yearning for freedom across the world and those in Ashraf, were the real and ultimate winners of the mullahs’ sham election.
Indeed, this is a victory by a generation reared by Massoud Rajavi; a generation of hundreds of thousands of people.
Indeed, this victory belongs to the Iranian people and Resistance, to the Mojahedin who have been besieged and incarcerated in Ashraf for 7 years.
Indeed, this is quite remarkable and serves as a lesson for all.
We saw that the defeated factions in the boycotted election farce were explicitly saying during the debate that ’our government deceives under the banner of religion.’ These factions had formally stated their heartfelt and practical allegiance to the Supreme Leader in order to clear the Guardian Council’s firm filters.
They were among the top leaders of this regime and accomplices in war, suppression, plunder and in the massacre of political prisoners.
And now, they are describing the regime’s election as a ’masquerade,’ ’bewildering,’ ’stage managed,’ ’illegitimate,’ ’a ridiculous show’ and the ’rule of lies and dictatorship.’
These are the very words the Iranian Resistance has been using to describe the mullahs’ election in the past 30 years.
By talking about the ’vote compilation room’ in the Ministry of the Interior, they also revealed secrets about the mullahs’ five-fold inflation of the vote tally.
Please do not assume that I have found it opportune to blame and admonish those who are astonished today and use the very words the Resistance uses to acknowledge the mullahs’ masquerade and despotic rule. That is not at all the case.
Now is not the time to lay blame. On the contrary, in dealing with the mullahs’ first president 30 years ago, Massoud Rajavi taught us an important lesson.
We learned to even welcome their admission that the despotic regime’s ridiculous election had simply been a sham, but on the condition that they
- completely disavow this regime of lies and demagoguery;
- condemn fully the usurping of the right of the Iranian people to sovereignty;
- reject the velayat-e faqih regime in its totality,
There are no other conditions attached to these statements.
We tell them that they can continue
- to attack us as much as you want;
- to call the valiant children of this nation ’hypocrites’ as if they are a bunch of ’thugs and hooligans’ in the desert in Ashraf or on the streets of Tehran;
- to accuse them once again of being proxies of “Global Arrogance,” an accusation on the basis of which corpses get trampled upon in Evin or Khavaran cemetery, while wrapped in American flags.
But, we ask them to only acknowledge the denial of the right of the Iranian people to sovereignty and reject the entirety of the absolute rule of the clergy.
In addition, whatever the circumstances may be, we condemn any aggression by the ruling clerics against them and their families and also condemn their beating, arrest and persecution.
We further denounce the violation of their human rights by the dominant Khamenei-Ahmadinejad faction.
And we set no conditions in saying so.
If you recall, in 1981, the leaders of the Communist Tudeh Party and the Fedayee Majority openly demanded the extradition and execution of the leader of the Resistance, Massoud Rajavi. They also congratulated the “crushing” of Ashraf Rajavi and Moussa Khiabani and their comrades by the ’Islamic Revolution.’
Even so, when they were arrested, the Resistance’s Leader condemned their imprisonment, torture and execution and defended their rights.
A week ago, I read that Mrs. Zahra Rahnavard had described the election farce and the vicious assaults of the dominant faction as an attack by “wolves.” She is absolutely correct. One can only wish that she had come to realize the ’war of wolves’ 30 years ago.
Dear Compatriots,
On the anniversary of Khomeini’s death on June 3rd, approximately at the same hour, after 20 years, Khomeini died once more. He died a historic death and was buried once again.
Do you now see the blood of the martyrs as well as the suffering of the enchained and the combatants of freedom coming to fruition?
This is a glimpse of the punishment this regime is receiving before the eyes of the people of Iran and of the whole world.
I am referring to the debate between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi in which they revealed some of the astronomical thievery by the mullahs and their crimes against humanity.
It was not without reason that they wrote in their editorials that those did not resemble debates at all, but that instead ’the regime itself was put on trial” and that “there were no winners.” They said the debates proved the 30-year-old claims of ’the sworn enemies of the state.’ They said the debates lent credence to the thirty-year-old claims of “this system’s sworn enemies.” They asked themselves ’whether the continuation of this trend would leave anything but a mere pale shell of the Islamic Republic.’
That is why we say that the main winners were the Iranian people and the Resistance.
Dear friends,
Of course, these were debates in which the participants were quite careful not to cross the red lines of the regime.
That explains why in the debates, no one, not even once, talked about the people’s sovereignty and its innate contradiction with the principle of the velayat-e faqih, nor did they question the constitution and the Supreme Leader’s absolute rule.
No one talked about freedom for which the Iranian people have been yearning.
No one, not even once, talked about the fact that the regime and its constitution deny women the right to leadership, presidency and judgeship.
No one talked about gender inequality and discrimination.
No one talked about the massacre of political prisoners or the actual figure of executions.
No one protested against the inhuman laws on retribution, stoning, limb amputation and the execution of 150 political prisoners in the past four years under the pretext of [punishing] those who wage war on God and corrupt the Earth.
No one talked about the mullahs’ occupation of and crimes in Iraq and its export of terrorism to Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and elsewhere.
No one, not even once, talked or asked about Khomeini or Khamenei.
Was the order to perpetrate the chain murders and the fatwa to assassinate dissidents abroad not in fact issued from Khamenei’s office?
And, who except Khamenei, is really in charge of Tehran’s ruthless prosecutor’s office, and Evin Prison’s ward 209? Who, except Khamenei, is the commander of the Qods Force and terrorist groups in the Middle East?
Was the assault on students’ dormitory in recent days not organized from Khamenei’s office, even though the Supreme Leader was shedding crocodile tears yesterday for the same students?
Dear Friends,
When the religious fascism ruling Iran has reached a point where the Supreme Leader cannot even tolerate his closest cohorts and accomplices, the Iranian people have the right to ask Western governments the following:
- What was the result of 30 years of searching for moderates within the regime?
- What was the result of appeasement?
- Are you not yet ashamed of fabricating cases for the June 17 semi-coup d’état?
Several days after the uprising in Iran, fortunately the US President affirmed that the Iranian people are demanding democracy and their voices must be heard and not suppressed. He underscored that the differences between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are not as much as those portrayed by the publicized version. He also said that the United States takes issue with the regime over the nuclear matter, and support for Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon and Palestine and that for this reason, he would use any opportunity in the future to engage in dialogue with the Iranian regime.
We ask, ‘Does the minimum respect for the struggle of millions of Iranians for freedom not require that any concessions or dialogue with the ruling criminals at the expense of the Iranian people, be halted’? Of course, we have always said if negotiations with this regime could ever be fruitful, then go ahead and negotiate.
But giving another chance to the Supreme Leader and his crony, Ahmadinejad, is to give viper another opportunity, whereas a viper would never give birth to a dove. The previous U.S. administration did not obtain anything from negotiating with the regime on 28 different occasions, both covertly and overtly.
Believe me when I say that the solution in Iran is the third option, namely democratic change and the restoration of the people’s sovereignty by the Iranian people and the Resistance.
Dear Compatriots,
It has now become clear why four months ago Khamenei ordered his Iraqi interlocutors while they were in Tehran to close down Ashraf City.
He wanted to eliminate Ashraf before the decisive moment of the elections so as to neutralize the strategic winner of the subsequent developments and implications of the unipolarity of the regime and its main existential threat; Particularly because the removal of the terror label against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Europe rendered Ashraf doubly dangerous as far as Khamenei was concerned.
But the magnificent 7-year perseverance of Ashraf dashed the covetous hopes of the Supreme Leader.
Khamenei had correctly realized that Ashraf was the ray of hope and the strategic nucleus of the Iranian nation’s lasting struggle for freedom. Therefore, he had desperately tried to marshal all his forces to destroy Ashraf before the elections.
But, you rose up and launched a great campaign, which has heralded the spring for Iran.
Truly, how were those disarmed and besieged combatants of freedom not only not eliminated in the face of a barbaric dictatorship and its allies, but instead fueled the struggle for freedom?
Their perseverance is a new phenomenon in the struggle for freedom, where sacrifice, honesty and the belief in equality were the source of their power.
Those who fulfill the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah fearing. (Al-Baqara, 177).
And may Ashraf be blessed, for as the Bible says, it was ’built […] on rock.
The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. But it did not collapse.’ MT. 7.25
Greetings to you, the combatants of freedom in Ashraf! You inspired the whole world through your honesty and your sacrifice.
Freedom is listening to you.
Destiny is following you.
And your struggle is shaping the future.
The Iranian people rose up and defended you with their lives, property and loved ones both inside and outside Iran.
In Iran, many were imprisoned because of Ashraf.
Our mothers were arrested and tortured.
Families got themselves to Ashraf from the four corners of Iran, but were prevented from visiting the Ashrafis.
Brave young women and men who are resisting in Evin, Gohardasht, Vakil-Abad, Dastgerd, Dizel-Abad, Karoun and Adel-Abad prisons are sending messages of support and solidarity with Ashraf.
And many compatriots took on security risks in order to declare their salutations and support through the Simay-e Azadi [Iran National TV] to you and to the rest of the world.
Among the exiled Iranian community, many left their jobs and lives to expand sit-ins in four corners of the globe.
It was through your efforts that 37 credible human rights organizations and parliamentary committees in 14 countries in Europe, US, Canada and Australia, as well as the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, which adopted the resolution named after the late Lord Slynn, underscored the inalienable and undeniable rights of the residents of Ashraf. I sincerely thank all of them, especially the International Committee In Search of Justice led by Dr. Vidal Quadras.
All of these accomplishments are the result of your perseverance and faith, which is inspired by the correct strategy articulated by Massoud Rajavi from Day One. And during these years he led this movement and perseverance through painstaking, selfless work while taking on extremely risky decisions. Indeed, he guided the movement through a tortuous path abounding in conspiracies, treachery and blows.
Since Day One, it was Massoud who said that the main threat to Iran and the region is fundamentalism and retrogression. It is Massoud Rajavi who has laid the foundations for, and guided, a strategy which would lead to defeating the ruling religious fascism.
His voice echoed in the dark sky
That Iran’s bright day will come
And that upon sunrise, our path will shine
From this podium, I would like to tell those who have not yet acknowledged the legal status of the residents of Ashraf and have continued to besiege them to take a look at the Iranian people’s uprisings in the past few days.
Do not give priority to the interests of the faltering regime in Iran over the interests of Iraq.
You should remember that if the mullahs’ covetous designs for Iraq were to become reality, they will spare none of the current government leaders in Iraq other than their handpicked cronies. A viper can only tolerate the Revolutionary Guards.
Jurists, parliamentarians and international human rights organizations across the world are emphatically stressing that the case of Ashraf must be referred to the United Nations and an international tribunal. In other words, if the Iraqi Government lacks the capacity, the capability or the independence to abide by international law, and the European Parliament resolution, then the United States, which disarmed the residents of Ashraf rendering them defenseless and singed an agreement with each and every one of them, must assume responsibility for their protection under the supervision of the United Nations.
Dear Compatriots,
Regarding the presidential elections, I would like to reiterate that we fully agree with annulling the results of the election masquerade, the boycott of which we had called for from the very beginning. Since three decades ago, we have demanded the holding of free elections under the United Nations supervision based on popular sovereignty. Many of you remember that six years ago, in October 2003, I proposed on behalf of the Iranian Resistance a referendum under UN supervision. But what we have seen throughout these years instead was that the mullahs increased the number of their suppressive forces to 55 organs.
Therefore, the main dispute, as I have indicated, was about the velayat-e faqih regime and the variety of its suppressive agencies. In one word, the Iranian people are saying,
So long as the velayat-e faqih has not been buried, Iran, this most beautiful nation will not become a nation.
Dear Compatriots,
In accordance with the framework of its program for national solidarity, the National Council of Resistance of Iran extends its hands to all persons, groups and forces which seek a republic, reject the velayat-e faqih regime in its entirety and demand the establishment of a democratic, independent state based on the separation of church and state.
Hand in hand with the Iranian people, we are intent on realizing the righteous demand for democratic change.
Our goal is to establish a pluralistic republic; A society based on respect for human rights and devoid of torture and execution; A society where all individual and social freedoms are recognized, including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and freedom to choose one’s clothing; A society where women will attain equal political, social and economic rights, and where their equal rights in political leadership are recognized.
Indeed, everything must be built anew.
A new constitution and a new republic must be built based on popular sovereignty; A democratic system of government where all officials would derive their legitimacy from the ballot box; A government, which recognizes the right of the people to change their government.
A new economic system must be erected based on equal opportunity for all, where there would be no place for the mullahs’ astronomical plunder.
An independent judiciary and court system based on internationally recognized standards must be created.
Certainly, the Iranian people’s perseverance will push aside all obstacles and herald freedom for our nation.
Those who are fighting for freedom everyday are deserving of freedom and life.
Our beloved nation is deserving of freedom,
And each and every one of you, the gleaming hopes in the heart of darkness, are deserving of freedom.
Rest assured, the dawn of freedom will shine as a result of your resistance.
And in closing, I repeat,
The breaking down of the Supreme Leader’s masquerade, the raging war of the wolves, the million-strong uprisings complete with the chants of “death to dictator” and the disintegration of the decadent regime is the start of an irreversible era, which has set the wheels in motion against the regime in its entirety in favor of a democratic solution.
This is the new era of resistance for freedom.
This carries the promise of the great spring for the Iranian people, and the beginning of the end of the velayat-e faqih regime.
It heralds the victory of Iran’s democratic and victorious revolution.
So, you brave, proud heroes and heroines of the nation, rise up. Kavehs [legendary figure and symbol of valor] of Iran, rise up.