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Thousands of Iranians Protest Regime in Front of King Cyrus’s Tomb


Great many Iranians took part in the rally to commemorate the Great King Cyrus birth
Great many Iranians took part in the rally to commemorate the Great King Cyrus birth
Breit Bart, 30 Oct 2016 - Tens of thousands of Iranians, from various parts of the nation, gathered at the site of the tomb of King Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae Friday morning on the anniversary of his birthday to protest the clerical regime’s policies.
According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), protesters chanted, “Iran is our country, Cyrus is our father” and “clerical rule is synonymous with only tyranny, only war.” The protesters also reportedly chanted, “freedom of thought cannot take place with beards,” a reference to the theocratic leaders currently in power.
Another video purports to show Iranians shouting, “forget about Syria, think about us.”
NCRI reported that, prior to the October 28 protest, members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other Iranian authorities took measures to limit the impact of the demonstrations by spreading rumors that the city had been completely shut down — including canceling tours to the site, sealing off roads to Pasargadae, and even shutting down the Internet there two days prior to the rally. Residents in and near the city were reportedly also told that they were not permitted to have guests during the period marking the occasion of King Cyrus’s birth.
Many Iranians consider King Cyrus the father of international human rights, citing the discovery of the Cyrus Cylinder around 559 B.C. — the first known charter of human rights. In 1971, the Shah of Iran’s twin sister, the late Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, presented the United Nations with a replica of the Cyrus Cylinder, which is kept at the U.N.’s New York headquarters and is promoted as “an ancient declaration of human rights.”
In a written statement regarding the protests, Shahin Gobadi, who works with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, said:
None of these schemes could prevent the gathering from taking place. The long line of vehicles and the large scope of the participants were clear indications of the Iranian people’s hatred towards the regime. This regime is incapable of standing up against the Iranian people’s desire and will to achieve democracy and popular sovereignty.
It is not yet clear whether authorities will impose punishment on participants in Friday’s rally.
Two large flags bearing the lion and sun (shir-o-khorshid) were held up and carried throughout the crowd. This is Iran’s original flag. It is over 2,500 years old. People from Kurdistan, Azarbeijan, Balochistan, and Iranians of Arab descent were also among the protesters.