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Iran; Prominent political prisoner urges Iranians to participate in “Free Iran” rally


Iranian political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi urges Iranians to participate in “Free Iran” rally
Iranian political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi urges Iranians to participate in “Free Iran” rally

Iranian political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi, who has suffered brutal physical and mental torture at the hands of the Iranian mullahs since 2003, urged Iranians from around the world to take part in a grand gathering of Iranians in Paris. Mr. Davoudi who is currently in the notorious Gohardasht Prison, north west of Tehran urged all people who support democracy and freedom to participate in this huge gathering of the Iranian Resistance “Free Iran” gathering which will be held on July 9 in Paris.

Mr. Davoudi said in his invitation:"In this land, no bird flies, no spring comes, it is a limitless prison, with the rise of dawn by tomorrow the hands of freedom will be soaked with life's abundance. With the friendliest greetings to the purest souls who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of other human beings, I would like to inform all that the fake regime emerged from the revolution in 1979. This regime did not only withhold freedom, democracy, peace, and justice from us Iranians, but it also scattered millions of our countrymen and intellectuals across the world. This regime is being transformed day by day to an unrestrained entity, which lacks domestic and international legitimacy.
This corrupt system does not appreciate humanity. In the past 37 years, this regime has repressed all political thinkers and public intellectuals by force and with the help of its brutal mercenaries and its domestic intelligence agency, which seeks to stifle freedom at any corner. The latter agents are the trainees of the regime's two most notorious organs, the Basij and the IRGC.  The only remedy for getting rid of this wicked regime is to fight it with an organized tactic .We must also try hard to change the theocratic framework of the regime. The Iranian democratic revolution is the third revolution, which calls for the support of domestic and foreign actors.
All Iranian and international democrats know very well that every educated person must be open-minded to varying views and different cultural and social manners. Accordingly, people must work together with genuine and consistent actors to free those in oppression. Indeed, we must strive to fulfill these ideas with our persistent attempts.
In light of the passive and corrupt regime, we put our hope in all libertarians who want to free Iran and the Iranian people. Thus, in order to achieve our goals of a "Free Iran" we invite you to participate in the Iranian Resistance's gathering held on July 9, 2016 in Paris. In advance, we appreciate the continual efforts of those people organizing this gathering and we welcome all participants of this event coming from all over the world. I thank you all sincerely."
Viva Iran,
Long live Iran,
Victory to the rightful struggle of Iranians,
Arzhang Davoudi
Rajai-Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison
July 2016