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Oslo: Human Rights protestors chant 'Zarif must go'


Iranian regim FM not welcome at Oslo Forums peacemaking conference
Iranian regim FM not welcome at Oslo Forums peacemaking conference

Oslo:  On Tuesday (14 June 2016) protesters held aloft banners in reaction to the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s visit to Norway to attend the 2016 Oslo Forum to talk on the subject of peacemaking.

The protestors held banners saying: ‘Hold Zarif accountable for the clerical regime’s atrocities in Iran, Syria & global export of terror.’

‘Norway should speak out publicly against flagrant human rights’ abuses in Iran.

And: ‘“Moderation” by Rouhani and Zarif = Myth.’

The point to the protest is two-fold. The first is to call into question the legitimacy of the Iranian Foreign Minister and the religious regime that he represents to be able to attend a forum on the subject of ‘peacemaking’. This is in response to the Iranian regime’s ongoing human rights’ abuses: a total of 64 people were executed by the regime in May alone.

Secondly the protesters are incensed at the lack of recognition by the International Community to call for a halt on executions perpetrated by the Iranian regime; many of which are occurring at the around the same time that EU heads of state, MPs but also high ranking UN officials attend the Oslo Forum.

The 2016 Oslo Forum is jointly organized by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD), where Ms. Frederica Mogherini who is High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs will have had the ear of the Iranian FM Mr. Javad Zarif. Ms. Frederica Mogherini has done little to take the bold opportunity to challenge the Iranian FM on the religious regime’s human rights’ violations.

A social media campaign with hashtags has been in action too employing the hashtags #No2Rouhani #OsloForum. The Oslo Forum continues on Wednesday. The Iranian FM then will be in Germany on Thursday and where further protests will follow.

Source: The Oslo Times, 14 June 2016