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Iran: Brutality to the extreme


Iran criminal prosecutor ordered 35 youth to be flogged 99 lashes
Iran criminal prosecutor ordered 35 youth to be flogged 99 lashes
Iran official news agency Mehr cited local prosecutor in Qazvin, northwestern Iran, on Thursday May 26, 2016 that more than 30 young girls and boys were arrested for attending a party held after their school graduation.
The prosecutor, a hardline mullah, said the authorities had received tips from local agents that a large number of young boys and girls have gathered in a villa in the northern part of the city of Qazvin which is located in the northwestern part of the country. The authorities then ordered the criminal so called “moral police” and state security guards to raid the villa and arrest everyone involved in that place.
Following the arrest of more than 30 innocent youth, the same criminal mullah acting as the prosecutor held a Kangaroo court on the same day and sentenced everybody to receive 99 lashes. The sentences were carried out immediately after the sham court by the “moral police.”
The bullying prosecutor insisted on harsh punishment for these youth and threatened them of harsher punishment if they are caught again for what he called “immoral relationship” which practically include having fun or even partying.
But as the Iranian brave youth have time and again showed when they resist the repressive regime of the mullahs, these measures would backfire on the criminal fundamentalist regime and it is always the regime that has to back off. 


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