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Airstrikes in northern Syria kill at least 10, activists say


Airstrikes in northern Syria kill at least 10
Airstrikes in northern Syria kill at least 10
Reuters, May 11, 2016 – Despite stated ceasefire by the government and Russia, two airstrikes struck a northwestern Syrian town on Tuesday the first day of extended ceasefire, killing at least 10 people, wounding many others and knocking out the dome of a mosque, opposition activists said.
The air raids on the town of Binnish in the northwestern province of Idlib came hours after a fragile and limited cease-fire in the nearby city of Aleppo and its surrounding countryside was extended for the third time, for another 48 hours starting at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll is expected to rise as some of the wounded are in critical condition. The Local Coordination Committees said some of the wounded have not been identified.
A Facebook page known as the Coordinators of the Revolution in the city of Binnish posted the photo of a wounded child with blood stains on his face, saying he was referred to the intensive care unit in the town of Bab al-Hawa near the border with Turkey. The posting said the child will be referred to a hospital in Turkey and added that he has no adult to accompany him -- asking any relatives who identify the boy to come forward.
Another photo posted on the Facebook page showed at least three dead bodies in dark blue bags placed on a pavement.
"Most of the 10 people killed were passersby," said Muayad Zurayk, an opposition activist based in the nearby Jabal al-Zawiya region. "The situation is appalling in this region because of daily massacres."
The LCC said the warplanes were Syrian while the Observatory said it wasn't clear if they were Syrian or Russian.
Just hours before the government announced the cease-fire, the United Sates said that a new agreement with Russia would replace localized, piecemeal cease-fires in Syria with a revived, nationwide truce. It was not clear if other announcements regarding cease-fires in the rest of the country would follow.


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