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Iran regime MP admits corruption widespread among elite


Iran regime conservative MP Hamid Rasaie
Iran regime conservative MP Hamid Rasaie
Corruption is widespread amongst Iranian regime officials, according to a state-run news agency citing Iranian MPs.
The news agency associated to the mullahs’ parliament, Nation’s Home or the Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency (ICANA) cited the outgoing Parliament deputy Hamid Rasaee on May 3rd addressing the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani: "Your ministers have been members of various boards of directors, and we announce that some of them possess a wealth of 10 trillion Rials (U.S. $329 million)."
Prior to taking office as President in 2013, Rouhani pledged to improve the economy in a 100-day period.
The state-run Jamaran website on May 3 reported that outgoing MP Hamid Kouchakzadeh, referring to the unemployment and inflation crises in Iran, said in Parliament: "Dear Mr. Rouhani, after three years of your presidency, please stop slandering, accusing and insulting everyone who does not have the right to answer you back. I do not say within 100 days, but within the remaining 400 days of your presidency, please contemplate about the unemployment, inflation and other problems of the people."
Outgoing MP Ahmad Tavakkoli in an interview on state television referred to the issue of corruption in the country.
"The term systematic corruption is referred to at a stage when bodies that are responsible for curbing corruption themselves are involved in corruption. In the Judiciary, in the time of [its current head Sadeq] Amoli Larijani, 170 judges have been deposed. The dismissal of this number of judges indicates the entanglement of the Judiciary with corruption," he said on May 3.
The Fars News Agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), reported that Ebrahim Aghamohammadi told the outgoing Parliament: "Today the main problems facing people are regarding employment and their livelihood. Unemployment is the worst affliction. Today, the 11th government (the Rouhani administration) is in charge of running the country and it must solve the problems of people without any projections."
He added: "People have not benefitted from the JCPOA,” referring to the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with the major world powers last year.